The Magic of the Rocks

Here is the sequel to my post Following the Glowing Rocks , after all I couldn’t let the poor guys stuck in the holes. Enjoy! 

The guys sat in the deep holes, wondering how they were going to get out. They shouted to each other, making sure all of them were okay, and they were. It would have been pretty sad to have climbed a mountain, with no injuries, only to hurt themselves by falling in some holes! Fortunately they  still had some bananas left in their food backpack that Billy carried. He tried his best to throw the bananas out of the hole and into the other holes, but it was really hard to do when he couldn’t see. 3 bananas ended up scattered on the ground, and the only one that got to eat a banana was Billy. 

It appeared that they all were going to be stuck in their holes until someone really kind came along, but how long that was going to take, was the million dollar question. 

Jack wished that there would be something interesting in the hole to take a picture of, but plain brown dirt wasn’t too exciting. Kolby decided he would make good use of the time by sleeping, and Quincy still couldn’t decide whether to stay seated or to stand, he was restless. Billy thought a nap sounded good too, what else was there to do, his eyes began to grow heavy, when suddenly they popped open! He heard voices. 

“What are these bananas doing on the ground? Were the monkeys throwing them from the trees again? They need to be careful, I could have slipped and hurt myself.” 

“Yeah, and if you would have slipped, we would have fallen off your back!” said Myrtle the turtle. 

“Hey! Who is out there, we need your help!” shouted Jack, his friends shouted out as well. 

Henrietta, Myrtle and Tulag were stunned, where were the voices coming from? Then they spied the holes and figured it out! 

“My friends and I will try our best to help you, we just need to figure out how, replied Henrietta, the long necked hippo. 

“Just throw down a rope!” yelled Billy. 

“We don’t have one!” Myrtle yelled back. 

“Hey guys, I have the climbing ropes in my backpack.” Quincy said. Why hadn’t they thought of that before! They all smacked themselves on the head. He threw a rope out of the hole and Henrietta stepped on it. 

“Okay, start climbing.” said Henrietta. 

Quincy climbed up the rope and was so glad when he got to the top and out of the hole. Then he almost fell backwards into the hole when he saw who was stepping on the rope! A HIPPO! 

“Hi!” said Henrietta and the turtles, all Quincy could do was stare at them. 

“Hey Quincy, we want to get out of the holes too, throw us the ropes!” his friends called. 

Soon all of them were standing out of the holes and staring open mouthed at Henrietta and the 2 turtles. 

“Wow!” was all they could say. They looked at the rocks in their hands and they still were glowing. What kind of magical place had they walked into. Henrietta and Myrtle told them that they didn’t have to go that much farther to get to the tunnel. They encouraged them to go, saying what they would see there would be really cool! 

“Follow us, we will lead the way!” Henrietta said with a smile. 

Jack had never seen a hippo smile before, well he had never seen a long necked hippo either. He thought he knew his animals but he was beginning to question himself. What was he going to meet next, a short necked giraffe? 

The friends looked at each other, what did they have to lose? If they didn’t follow them to the tunnel, they might always wonder what they missed. So off they went. 

They enjoyed chatting to Henrietta, Myrtle and Tulag, as they walked. It soon didn’t seem strange at all to be talking to animals. Before too long they saw the tunnel, and it took their breath away. It dazzled with beauty and looked so inviting. 

“Go inside it, go ahead!” said Myrtle. 

They all entered the tunnel and soon they themselves were glowing. Then the rocks transformed into instruments. Each of them had  an instrument to play. There were 2 guitars, a snare drum and a saxaphone! They were in awe! 

“Its the magic of the rocks! You have your own rock band now! Go ahead and play!” Henrietta said. 

“But we don’t know how!” 

“Yes, you do! You stepped into the magic tunnel with the magic rocks! Try it!.” said Myrtle. 

The guys couldn’t believe it, could it really be possible? Jack beat the snare drum and Billy strummed the guitar and soon it was like the instruments were playing themselves. They really sounded good! Then Henrietta started singing and they were in even more shock. A singing Hippo! They never knew a Hippo could sing so beautifully! They kept playing until suddenly they were holding rocks in their hands again. 

“Sorry, the magic rocks only last for so long!” said Henrietta. 

They all walked back out of the tunnel shaking their heads, so glad they had found the rocks and came to the tunnel. It was worth being stuck in some holes for awhile! 

“Thank you so much for leading us to the tunnel, this was awesome!” Billy said. 

“You really are a great singer, Henrietta!” said Jack. 

Myrtle and Tulag snickered. “Remember, it was a magic tunnel!” 

Henrietta made a face, “Oh you all are just jealous.” 

“Can you sing again for us, please?” said Kolby. “I love music and your voice was so beautiful.” 

Henrietta blushed and opened her mouth wide, starting to sing. 

She only got out a few words and the guys faces quickly changed from being in awe, to dismay!

“Like I said, the tunnel has a magic all of its own!” said Myrtle with a wink. 

“Well we hate to say goodbye, but we better get going before it gets dark and we can’t find our way back. Thanks again for your help today! Maybe we will have to come back again sometime.” They then made a hasty retreat, as Henrietta was still singing her lungs out. 

After walking awhile, Billy said, ” I think I am going to buy a guitar, I played really well!” 

Kolby said, “Umm.. remember we were in a magical tunnel!”  and Billy made a face. “But you never know, I just may be talented.” 

“Hypothetically speaking, perhaps,” said Jack. 

“I just know that all that rocking out to our great music made me hungry, lets all go get some food. Something besides bananas!” 

That was something they all could agree on!





29 thoughts on “The Magic of the Rocks

  1. It was very nice to be let out of the deep holes those guys were in. It’s a good thing that some older, wiser being was looking out for them, and guided Henrietta, Tulag, and Myrtle to the cave. The magic rocks were interesting. They seemed instrumental at helping everyone play good music. What they had to do with the general story though, I have no idea. Perhaps that older, wiser being is a little bit doolally.

    And who the heck is Kolby?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, that Wiser person was so KIND and SWEET, wasn’t she!
      They were rock climbing, remember? Soo not so strange to find magic rocks while rock climbing, right?
      As for Kolby, I had said 4 friends went rock climbing. Billy,Jake, Quincy and Kolby make 4, right? (At least it does for those who can count.)
      Kolby is the Oldest of the Nutty group. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Not too strange to find magic rocks? I’d say Mrs. Older & Wiser is also doolally. But in a kind and sweet way.

        Although you said there were four, you only named three in the first installment. So it seemed a little strange that Kolby would enter the picture in the second installment. But perhaps that had something to do with the magic rocks.

        Do you know that some people have been arrested for possession of “magic rocks”?

        Liked by 2 people

      • I was wondering about Kolby, too, because he didn’t speak up or was referred to in the first part. But, yeah…”Four friends…”

        Magic rocks, a little “Guitar Hero” going on and Henrietta finally got in tune…I like it! Did the turtles sing harmony?


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