Settling In

This is a sequel to my Facing Uncertainty post. Hope you like it!

Katy had been in her safe-house for a week now and was trying to get used to this new way of life.

It was quite different from her busy life as an attorney! She was almost finished reading her 3rd novel, sbe was going to have to send Patrick or John out for more books.

One of them was always with her. It was strange never being alone! They were good at giving her privacy, but they were always in the cottage. It did make her feel safe. Right now she didn’t really want to be alone.

Pstrick had been right about the food, it was really good. Depending on how long she had to hide out she may gain a lot of weight! He brought her seafood from a Cafe. Anything she wanted she could have and they had rich, chocolaty desserts.

Putting her book down she stepped out of her cottage to look at the ocean. She couldn’t go into town but Patrick did say that she could step out of her cottage to enjoy the sea. It helped her keep her sanity. Watching the waves roll and hearing them crash against the shore.

She saw Patrick’s boat coming. He had supper with him.

He was smiling when he stepped out of the boat. “Getting a little fresh air, I see.”

“Yes, i thought I should probably do some exercises to burn off all this good food that I have been eating!”

“You are welcome to join me on my morning jog tomorrow.” Patrick said.

Katy used to jog before she got so busy. It would be good to get back into it.

“Thanks! I think I will, now lets go eat, the smell is tantilizing.”

After a supper of clam strips and shrimp with lava cake, Katy knew that she had to go jogging tomorrow.

Her alarm went off and she groggily tried to turn it off but kept hitting the wrong button. UGH! Who went jogging at 5am! She should have asked Patrick the time before agreeing to go.

She still remembered his smirk as he said Good Night last night and then added. “See you at 5am!” Her face must have shown her shock as he chuckled. He probably didn’t expect her to actually come but she would show him.

Pulling her hair up into a messy bun, she threw on her favorite sweats and went downstairs to meet him.

“Well look who made it up!” Patrick and John smiled at her as they said Good Morning.

“Are you coming jogging too?” Katy said too John. He was an older man, very nice guy. He had trained Patrick.

“Nope, I will keep an eye on the cottage and enjoy the exercise of lifting my coffee cup.” he joked, as he took a drink of coffee.

Patrick and Katy left the cottage and started jogging. Katy noticed the gun in Patrick’s pocket. She hoped he wouldn’t have to use it! There were moments when she could forget that someone actually wanted her dead, but then the harsh reality made her blood run cold.

Patrick noticed the change in her demeanor when she saw his gun.

“I promise, John and I will keep you safe, and you won’t be hiding forever. Now are you ready to jog 6 miles?”

“6 miles! Are you insane?” Katy replied.

“C’mon! Keep up slowpoke.” and Patrick took off running.

“Hey, I thought we were jogging, not running!” Katy yelled, running to catch up.

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