Following the Glowing Rocks

The four friends were pondering the messages that they had seen on the rocks. They all had been rock climbing and when they made it to the top of the mountain they found 7 rocks in a circle. They each had one word on them. The rocks spelled out “The Magic Tunnel is waiting for You!”

On the bottom of each rock was a map showing the way to go. They were very curious, but should they really go? They kept debating.

“Will you make up your mind!” Billy said to Quincy. “Eithet sit or stand! How can we think when you keep moving up and down?”

Quincy sat down and they began talking once more about the mysterious rocks.

“Whoa! Look!” Jack said. “The rocks are changing colors and glowing!” He quickly grabbed his camera and started snapping. All of them were mesmerized.

Now they all were in agreement. There was no doubt about it, they had to follow the rocks. Who knew what cool things they may find in the tunnel! After studying the maps for a little bit they decided they were ready to go.

They all climbed back down the mountain and started heading for the magic tunnel. They were making good progress when suddenly Jack stepped into a snare.

His heart began to beat like a bass drum.

About the same time the other guys yelled as they fell into deep holes!

Now what were they going to do? Billy laid in the deep hole thinking, what a fine kettle of fish they were in now, and he let out a long sigh.

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