Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Its not how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, but how many bites does it take until this large KISS from my husband is gone?

Don’t lose the child’s wonder of Christmas … keep the magic in your heart, and you won’t grow old!

Always liked “The Little Drummer Boy” song and then I met a Drummer Boy and married him!

40 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. Christmas was boring for me growing up. We got no tree, no food, but when I was 15 life got better and my parents started preparing more (still no tree) but I was bitter. After marrying my husband and truly experienced the spirit of Christmas, I was like a kid and never go back to that bitter teen 😁

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  2. Do you address him as “The Little Drummer Boy?” πŸ˜‰ When a telemarketer calls, you can always say, “Would you like to speak to The Little Drummer Boy?”

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    • He and his friends from HS had made a CD way back then. He is a great one but those days are pretty past now, we got old. LOL!

      That little boy is her son! He is the reason I chose that version and because I love her voice too, Been a fan from the beginning!

      Haha on the chocolate, yes I may ring in the New Year with it! πŸ™‚


      • That is cool. Ken has a godson in Myrtle Beach, SC, that is a musician. His band actually toured with Three Doors Down & Queensryche about 20 years ago. He’s just regional, now, in the South, kinda like how Hootie & the Blowfish got started.

        I never saw her on AI. I just never liked the show but, when I heard her stuff, I was a fan. Same with Kelly Clarkson.

        Everyone should have chocolate at least once a day.

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        • Wow about touring with those bands. My husband likes them. At least I think so. He likes too many to keep track of!
          Yes. Kelly is great too! We saw her in concert and she is just a lovely person. Down to earth with a caring heart.
          Totally true about the chocolate!

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