Tuesday’s Thoughts!


“I’m dreaming of a White Christmas…”  We may live where it snows in the winter time, but it is rare to actually have a white Christmas. Typically most of our snow comes through January-March. This year though may be different! They are calling for a major snowstorm here tomorrow. Its possible that we could get up to 20 inches of snow! As long as our heat stays working, I am ready to watch the beauty of the falling snow. If I could package up some of the coming snow and send it to those of you who miss getting to enjoy snow, I would. But perhaps I could build you a Snowman, though I may get buried. Enjoy the following quotes and hope you can feel the Christmas magic in the air, even if you don’t get to see snow.












50 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. Sounds great. Snow is a lot of fun, until you have to shovel it and drive in it. I hope enough of it lingers on the ground so that you can have the white Christmas you’re looking forward to.

    I like #1, because it’s so true. The change in scenery that snow brings is enchanting. Sometimes I miss living in snow country, just for that.

    I also like what Aristotle had to say, in #2. You have to get cold to enjoy a snowflake. And sometimes it’s worth it.

    #9 was pretty funny.

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    • This iz why I have 10 quotes, so thst hopefully everyone finds something they identify with. 🙂
      Number 4 is actually a very meaningful one for me. Its something I had to learn over the past couple years! Glad you liked it.

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  2. You can keep the snow! #8 is so very true. I’ve been blessed with some, even though, due to moves and job changes, they didn’t last forever. And thanks for #9. It gave me a needed chuckle and lifted my spirit.


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