Sugar Overload!


I love to write stories and the great “followers” I have make it even more enjoyable. They sometimes inspire stories to take twists and turns that I would have never thought of, as they show their own creative knack for writing. You may remember reading some of  Jason’s stories before. The ones about Betsy ( The amazing cow, that does more than I ever thought she would!) , in my ongoing Anna/Tanya series. I have used his photos before as well for inspiration for a story. Recently he sent me a short story that I was just waiting for the right time to share. I thought of it again after stopping at Starbucks recently,  and figured that I would share a smile with all of you today. If you go to Starbucks or have a craving for lots of sweet things, you may be able to identify with the poor lady in this story. All the people in the story are fictional, any similarity to anyone living is probably just coincidental. Enjoy! 

Mason Picklefoot was a terribly handsome fellow that ran the coffee shop in Bittersweet Creek. One morning he was idly enjoying his second cup of dark roast black coffee of the morning when up the walk came Cara Mellow and boy was she excited. “Today is my birthday!” she exclaimed “and I get a free coffee drink on my birthday!” Mason, being the shrewd businessman, checked her ID and sure enough today Cara was two score and ten years old. He was a bit shocked as she didn’t look a day over 40.

“OK” he said “Happy birthday to you. What’ll you have?”

“Oh” Cara Mellow giggled with delight “I’ll have my usual caramel cream latte, but add an extra pump of whipped topping…. oh and some extra caramel, and maybe a few marshmallows, and an extra pump of whipped topping, and sprinkles, lots of sprinkles.”

“OK, Mrs. Mellow, you’re the birthday girl. Your order will be ready in a few minutes.” Mason said.

Mason put the order on the counter, called Cara’s name and she fetched her coffee and went on about her merry way.

A few hours later, Bard Mellow came into the coffee shop and asked Mason if he’d seen Cara. “She left here a couple of hours ago, turned left and headed up town.” Mason said. So, Bard headed up town in search of his dear wife.

He soon came across the Gummy Bottom Candy Shoppe and saw Horace the shopkeeper cleaning up a huge mess in his store. Looking up, Horace saw Bard and said “Hey, your wife was here not long ago and look at the mess she made!”

“What happened?” asked Bard.

“Well, she came in here with sort of a wild look in her eyes and a sugary foam around her mouth.” Horace began. “She started talking about it being her birthday and wanting some candy to celebrate. First she tried the chocolate gummy chews, then the caramel sticky drops, then she began to run frantically from candy jar to candy jar trying everything. She was in such a hurry that she knocked several of the jars to the floor and made this mess.”

“How much do I owe you?” Bard said. After paying half of his week’s wage to Horace, he continued down the street looking for his dear Cara.

He next came across Mr. Tippner’s Bicycle shop and noticed Mr. Tippner repairing a damaged bike. Mr. Tippner looked up and said “Hey Bard, your wife was in hear earlier and look what she did. First she started telling me about the tricks that she could do when she was a little girl and then grabbed this bicycle to show me. Unfortunately she didn’t see the hotdog vendor or the open manhole cover in time to stop.”

“How much to I owe you.” poor Bard said.

Bard continued to walk through town looking for Cara when he came to old man Fuzzywhistle’s farm and there he saw the strangest thing. There was Cara talking and waving her arms animatedly to a cow. The cow was standing there calmly, chewing on some hay, and appeared to be taking in the entire story that Cara was telling her.

Bard came up and put his jacket over his beloved Cara’s shoulders saying “Come on dear, it’s time to go home and have a nap.”

“But I was just telling Betsy here about my wonderful birthday, and the fancy coffee, and the…”
“I know, dear, let’s just get you home.” And Bard lovingly took Cara home so she could sleep off her sugar high.

The End.


56 thoughts on “Sugar Overload!

  1. OH MY!!! Something seems to happen to the mind when one turns ‘two score and ten years’ of age! Whew … I’m thankful I’m not at that milestone — my sanity is perfectly safe at three score and nine years! ♫ Happy Belated Birthday, my dear friend! ♫

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