“Did you guys hear the news?” asked Tink, who seemed to bursting with excitement. 

They were sitting at lunch, taking a well deserved break. All the elves had been putting in long hours and working hard, for this was the busiest time of year for Santa’s elves. Alabaster finished his 3rd cup of plain black coffee and said, “What news?”

“Yeah, what news?” the others asked, all looking at Tink. 

“Santa has decided that this year has been a hard year for everyone and that no one is on the naughty list! Well almost no one, there may still be a few. All the information is right here.   Tink passed around the memo for all to see. 

“Wow! No naughty list! I am one lucky elf for sure!” said Snowball. 

“Me too!” said Alabaster, and Jinx and Jangle were nodding their heads in agreement feeling very happy. 

“Don’t be so sure!” said Candy Cane, walking over to them.

“Santa wasn’t referring to the elves. Of course all of Santa’s elves are good, but there are some that are very prone to mischief! So it might be in your best interest to still be on your extra good behavior! Then again, that might be too hard for certain elves, who shall remain nameless.” She laughed, as she walked away. 

“She thinks she is so smart!” Snowball said, and the other ones made faces in agreement. 

“Santa is a jolly guy, I am sure we are included on the NICE list. I mean really, I have been good all morning!” Alabaster said. 

“Well I been good for the past hour.” said Snowball. 

Jangle was thinking of the gag gifts he had given recently to someone, and his face turned red. Jinx quickly said that he had been good all morning too and Tink said he was good last week. They all were feeling a little bit more solemn than they had earlier. It was hard to be good! 

The lunch bell rang and it was time to get back to work. 

They were busy at work putting sparkles on toys and making sure the spinning toys spun and the robots worked. The clock said 4:30, one half hour until quitting time. The doors opened and in walked Santa and Candy Cane. They were both carrying 2 large deep buckets with lids on them. They set them down in front of them and Santa Clause spoke. 

“I would like to thank you all for your hard work, so here you go!” 

SPLAT! Whip cream pies were flying through the air, and had hit JInx and Jangle right in the face. Snowball ducked, and Alabaster was laughing,  until he got hit with one in the back of his head. One flew over Tink’s head and he thought he was lucky, but then SPLAT!  

No one could say that Santa didn’t have a sense of humor. Soon all the elves were throwing pies. It was a great stress relief to the end of the day. 

The elves were feeling more light hearted when they went to bed that night. Being good didn’t mean you couldn’t have fun, so they may be on the the good list after all! 



26 thoughts on “Naughty/Nice

  1. Haha—the poor elf who is named Candy Cane. What’s the dad called? Sugar Cane? I went to school with a kid whose last name was John. The parents didn’t do him any favors when they give him the first name John as well. John John might be cute when you’re little, but no high school kid is going to want to be called that.

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