Friday’s Super Short Stories!

One day you are little … impatient for time to go faster … next day you are wondering how December got here so fast!

“Goodnight John Boy … Goodnight Elizabeth.” Show may be old but the warmth it brings doesn’t fade!

Long ago read Laura Wilder’s books … watched John Boy writing and thought … someday I will write too!

41 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. These sentiments all mean something to me. Life is so funny that way. We want to be older because that means more privileges. Then, the script flip, and we long for days gone by. I guess the main lesson is remembering to live in the moment.

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  2. It will all be over in a few hours, and then you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

    I remember watching the Weird Ones when I was a kid. What a bunch of corn. But I still liked it.

    You’re a good writer. But have you discovered yet that there’s not much money in it?

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  3. I have a distinct memory of being a kid and looking at my parents’ washing machine. I remember thinking to myself “I can’t wait until I am tall enough to look over the top of this thing.” Now, I’m wondering when I can get over the top of 2020…

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  4. The first 30 years took their sweet time, with a full 12 months sandwiched between one holiday season and the next. The next 30 years flew by in a flash, with holiday seasons crowding closer & closer together with each passing year.

    What will the next 30 years be like? I’m guessing that I’ll just start leaving the Christmas decor out year round since a year will only feel like about 2 months.

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