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Happy Blustery Tuesday! Reminds me of the story about Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day. Many happy hours as a child, were spent listening to these records as I followed along in the book. 

Have a wonderful Tuesday, and may good things be blowing your way!









“No comment!” LOL!


Breaking Free!


What a feeling! She was free at last and feeling jubilant! She was proud of herself for managing to escape. While walking through the woods, her heart yearned for adventure. She hoped to find some, now that she was out on her own. 

She had been walking for quite some time, stopping every now and then to graze on some patches of grass.  She was longing for some cool, refreshing water. 

“Hey, watch your step!” 

Startled by the little voice, she stopped in her tracks and looked down. 

2 turtles stared back up at her. “No one ever watches out for us small guys! You almost squashed my mate!” the one turtle said, while giving her a mean stare! 

“Oh I am so sorry! I know I am big, and can be clumsy at times, but I truly would never want to hurt you.” Tears started forming in her eyes. 

Myrtle felt bad for yelling. 

“its OK, don’t cry.  Nice to meet you. I am Myrtle and this is Tulag. What is your name?” 

“I am Henrietta. So glad to meet you. I am really glad to be out on my own at last, but was beginning to feel a little lonely.” 

“We haven’t seen very many hippos, but the hippos that we have seen looked different than you. I can’t say exactly what is different, but something is just not right. Are you really a hippo?”  Myrtle asked. 

Henrietta sighed. How many times had she been called different. At least Myrtle was being nice about it though. It wasn’t kids jeering at her, like they had, when she was back in the zoo. 

“Its my neck. I have a very long neck for a hippo. Who has ever heard of a long-necked hippo,” she said, sighing. 

“I think that your long neck is cool, it makes you unique!” Tulag said. 

Henrietta brightened up. Nobody had called her long neck “cool” before! 

“Thank you!” she replied, feeling happy about having met Myrtle and Tulag. 

“Where are you guys headed?” Henrietta asked. 

“Down to the river.” Myrtle said. 

“Oh, could I come with you? I would love to play in the water for a bit.” 

“Sure!” replied Myrtle. “Can we hitch a ride? We could get there a lot faster!” 

Henrietta bent her neck down and said, “Climb aboard the Henrietta Express!” 

Myrtle and Tulag happily climbed on and Myrtle gave Henrietta directions to the river. 

As they were making their way to the river, they chatted. Henrietta was eager to know all about them. They shared with her about the adventures they have had since Myrtle escaped from her terrarium. Tulag would have never met Myrtle if she hadn’t escaped that day long ago. She had found him sitting on a log at the river.  Hearing all this made Henrietta eager, if they could find adventure, she could too. 

They had great fun at the river! That water felt wonderful to Henrietta. After they played for awhile they rested in the sun. 

Once fully rested Henrietta continued walking and Myrtle and Tulag rode along with her. They really had no destination in mind, but they weren’t worried. At least they were together. Henrietta started singing as she walked, for she was so happy. 

“Ummm… Henrietta, do my ears a favor, and please, don’t sing!” Myrtle said. 

Henrietta laughed. “Did you ask if I could sing louder? Sure I can!” and she did. 

Poor Myrtle and Tulag buried their heads inside their shells, until Henrietta finally stopped singing. 

The three were headed to find adventure, but Myrtle secretly hoped that the adventure would have nothing to do with singing! 







Fun in the Water


How is your Sunday going? Its a rainy, lazy day here. Here are some pictures of animals having fun in the water. Meet Zonya, Bubbles and her Mama, from my story yesterday. The otters weren’t in my story, but, they were just too cute.  All pictures are from Pinterest. If it is raining where you are and the animals inspire you, feel free to go out and walk/dance in the rain. If you want to make a your brain work a little, feel free to think of a caption to the last picture. You can share it in the comments below. 





Feelings of the Heart

This is the conclusion to the story that was posted on Thursday.  Finding Peace Enjoy! 

Gavin and Camille walked slowly back to the lodge. They didn’t speak, there were no words to express the heaviness in their hearts. They had read about the strong bonds elephants make with each other and how they grieve. It had stirred their hearts when reading, but witnessing it deeply moved their hearts. 

Sasha, the matriarch of her herd,  had died, and the other 9 elephants in her herd mourned her. They had made a circle around where she had fallen and stood tightly against each other. The elephants stood there for the whole day, extending their trunks and touching Sasha’s body. Then they slowly started picking up leaves with their trunks and covering her with them. 

After lunch, Gavin decided to ride out to the other parts of the reserve. Get his mind off of Sasha and try to figure out how he felt about Camille. While he was riding, in the distance he saw the zebras running. If only everything could be so plainly black and white. His mind often resembled what the black and white colors looked like when the zebras ran, a big blur! 

He had felt sorry for Camille when she opened up to him one night, as they were watching one of the amazing sunsets over the lake. She had been an only child and her parents had died when she was young. She had been raised by her grandparents. Her grandpa had died this past winter and her Grandma had died in the spring. Camille just needed to get away and have some time for herself. She needed to decide what direction her life was going to take now. Would she keep their house, stay in the town she had grown up in, or venture out to something new? She had been so busy taking care of them, that she really didn’t have many friendships. The kids she had grown up with had moved on with their lives. She was pretty much on her own, she had told him. Being from a big family, Gavin couldn’t imagine how she must feel. 

Gavin stopped the Land rover and got out. He thought he would take a walk and see if he could find the new baby rhino that had recently been born. He didn’t have to walk too far, before he saw it under a tree with its Mama. It might be a baby, but it was far from small! It weighed 110 pounds. Derek had said that some baby rhinos could weigh as much as 140 pounds when they were born. Gavin laughed to himself, his Mom had thought that he was a big baby at 10 pounds! 

He watched from a distance, he didn’t want to have to deal with an overprotective Mother Rhino. They had horns and they weighed a lot more than a baby rhino! He didn’t want to risk getting Mama mad. Mamas don’t like when you mess with their babies.  He was content to admire baby Zonya from afar. In time the Mama would let him get closer, just had to be patient. 

His walkie talkie went off, and he heard Camille’s voice. “Gavin, what are you doing?” 

“I am watching baby Zonya. Do you need me to do something?” 

Camille’s frustrated voice came across the walkie talkie. “Yes, we have an elephant that got stuck in a poacher’s trap. Could you help me get her out?” 

Gavin made a face, poachers made him so mad. All they cared about was money, they had no heart for the animals. 

“I will be right there.” 

He headed back to the Land Rover and took off. They were on a protected reserve, but poachers still tried, a lot of times they did manage to catch them, but unfortunately not all the times. Elephant and rhino tusks were worth a lot of money, and the poachers didn’t give up easily. 

It didn’t take too long to get the elephant out of the trap, once two of them were working at it. Fortunately Nadia wasn’t harmed too badly,  If only it always turned out that way. 

“Thanks for helping.” said Camille. 

“Glad you called me. Want to take a walk to the lake?” Gavin asked. Before Camille could answer, they were interrupted by Derek calling to them. 

“Hey guys!” Derek called, as he was strolling over to them. 

“Do you two have plans for tonight?” he asked. 

Gavin and Camille looked at each other and then Gavin looked at him and said, “Well, not exactly.” 

Derek caught the look between the two of them and he smiled to himself. “How about we go out for supper tonight? Go into the city.” 

Gavin saw Camille’s eyes light up, they hadn’t been off the reserve much, it would be nice to go out. 

“Sure, sounds great.” said Gavin. 

“Okay. I will meet you guys at my car at 6.” Derek said, and then he strode away. 

Gavin looked at Camille. ” Guess we can walk to the lake another night.”

Camille agreed. “Yes, you probably don’t want to get all wet before heading into town, do you?” she said with a teasing glint in her eye.  Bubbles had managed to give him a few showers whenever they were down at the lake. 

Camille’s mind was full, as she was back at the lodge getting dressed for the evening. What did she feel for Gavin? He was a really nice guy and seemed to have a caring heart. He had listened attentively when she was sharing her story.

She couldn’t deny that her heart was beginning to have that twitterpatted feeling whenever he was near. She sighed. Time would tell. For now, she wasn’t going to get too anxious about things, she just was ready to enjoy an evening out. Picking out her golden heart earrings, she put them on and smiled at her reflection in the mirror. She twirled around in her black dress. This summer was shaping up to be all she wanted and more. 




Friday’s Super Short Stories!


LA from https://wakinguponthewrongsideof50.com/2020/11/13/13114/ posted a fun post of a list of songs that describe her moods throughout the day. What song/songs describe your feelings today? Mine would be lullabies. Read the next story, you will understand. 

When you think back of where you were 19 years ago today. How can my “baby” be 19 years old!

This quote isn’t original with me, but I have always liked it and it fits for parenting, and watching your children grow up. “The days are long, but the years are short!” 

Finding Peace


This is the second part  to Monday’s post. Here is the link, if you missed reading the first part. Summer with the Elephants

Gavin was walking through the reserve. He had only been on the reserve for 3 weeks now, but he felt like it had been a lot longer. He had fallen in love with the elephants and with the reserve. Gavin had always loved wide open spaces. Had wanted to live in the country as a child, but they lived in the city. Being here in Africa, on the elephant reserve, he felt like he was finally where he belonged, his heart was full. 

One day Derek had taken Gavin and Camille out to see more of the reserve. It was huge, over 70,000 acres! There were more than just elephants! Gavin and Camille got to see giraffes and zebras and rhinos. Gavin was impressed at how graceful the giraffes looked as he watched them walk. They didn’t look gangly with their long necks, but elegant instead. 

Gavin smiled to himself as he remembered that day. It had given him a chance to get to know Camille better. She had just come a week ago, but she took charge right away. She was so grateful to Derek for letting her come and Gavin could tell that she was going to work as hard as she could to show him that he had made the right decision. She was feisty with a lot of energy. 

Camille was very friendly, and Gavin looked forward to working with her for the summer. She was average height, about 5’5 with dark brown hair that seemed to have a bronze glow to it. She had the cutest dimples when she smiled, and dark brown expressive eyes. 

“Hey Gavin…”  Gavin turned his head to see Derek walking towards him. 

“Did you need something?”  Gavin asked. I lost track of time walking around out here, just admiring the beauty. 

“All is fine, I was just going to ask if you had seen Camille?” Gavin shook his head. 

“Well if you see her, tell her I would like to see her please.”  Derek said. “Enjoy the rest of  your walk. I have been here for 7 years and I still get awed by its beauty.”  Derek clapped on him on the shoulder, and then turned to walk back to his office. 

Gavin continued on his way. He decided to walk down to the lake. Maybe he would get to see the elephants and rhinos playing in the water. He walked on and when he arrived at the lake he saw that he wouldn’t be alone. Camille was sitting down by the water. She had her back turned, so she didn’t see Gavin coming. 

He quietly walked down to her and she turned her head just as he was almost to her. Her face broke out into a bright smile. “Hi Gavin!” she said.

“Hi!” he replied, as he sat down beside her on the grass. 

2 elephants were playing in the water. It was Kenna and her baby Bubbles. Bubbles loved the water. He kept spraying himself. Gavin and Camille sat in silence, watching the elephants. 

Camille sighed. “This was just what I needed.” she said. 

“Sitting down her by the lake?” questioned Gavin. 

“No, coming here, this whole summer. A break from the real world.” 

Gavin was quiet, seeing if she would say more. She hadn’t talked much about her life back home. 

Her face was serene as Gavin looked at her. 

“I just had to get away. You know, sometimes, one just needs an escape, right?” 

Gavin nodded. “Yes, I understand.” he said, as questions were running through his mind. 

Bubbles started walking towards Gavin. Gavin had been working with him these past 3 weeks and felt elated that Bubbles was coming to say HI. He lifted his trunk and sprayed Gavin with the cool lake water. 

Camille was laughing, as she stood up. “I just noticed the time, I forgot I had a meeting with Derek. I better go. You may want to lie in the sun a little to dry off. See you at supper. ” she said with a twinkle in her eye. 

Gavin watched her walk away, and he couldn’t help but smile as he turned back around and looked at Bubbles. He patted his trunk. Oh yes,  this could be an interesting summer Bubbles! Gavin was sure Bubbles smiled, as she nuzzled him with her trunk. 






“Dear Mom…”


Dear Mom, 

What a week it has been! First the heater in our car broke. It’s a good thing that we had extra fuzzy, warm blankets in our car. The next morning when Larry went to start the car, it wouldn’t start at all! So here we are, stuck at a hotel, until we can get the car fixed. I watched through the window at the pouring rain as the tow truck driver came to take it to the closest auto shop. It figures that it has to rain. I cranked the heat up to 75 degrees in here. 

Since our car wouldn’t start, I wasn’t able to go out to get a Salted Caramel Latte. Can you believe that this hotel doesn’t have any Starbucks in here? How am I supposed to survive without my daily latte? 

Well I am going to close for now. Hopefully will have better news to share with you later. Right now, we need to decide what we want on our pizza. Glad that they have room service. The elevator is out of order and we are on the 4th floor. I am not walking down 4 flights of stairs to go to the restaurant. 

Have a good week! I am sure it will be better than mine. 

Your dear daughter, 



Dear Mom, 

HI! its me Anthony, your favorite soldier. Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I am Okay. We have arrived at Valley Forge now, looks like we will be staying here for the winter. Walked 15 miles today, it only rained for part of the time today, so not as bad as yesterday. The temp rose to 40 degrees today. Felt warm compared to last week when it was 32 degrees and sleeting. At least we are inside now in a place that is warm and dry. 

I miss your home cooking, but don’t worry we are getting fed here. We have learned how to make *firecake, and we usually do have a slab of juicy *meat to go along with it. 

I am going to try to get a little shut eye now, but know that I think of you and the family often. I carry pictures of all of you in my mind and your love in my heart. That is what keeps your soldier son going. Hope to make you proud of me! 

Love you, 


*firecake was bread made from flour and water, no yeast made it flat and dense. 

*meat was typically a slab of salty lard


Thank you to all the Veterans for your service! 



Tuesday’s Thoughts!


Happy Tuesday! It is absolutely gorgeous weather right now that we are having! Have to keep looking at the calendar to remember that it is November, for 70 degree weather is not our typical November weather. Hoping to go out and enjoy it today, for I know it won’t be long until I will be bundling up in layers and drinking Hot Cocoa to warm myself up! 











Summer with the Elephants



image from Pinterest

Gavin put his luggage in his room and collapsed on his king sized bed. He was exhausted after the long trip, but yet feeling excited that he finally was here.

He was looking at the pictures on the walls of his room. A room that would be his for the next 3 months. He was here on an internship for his zoology major. Gavin was thinking hard about working with elephants, he had always been fascinated by them. They were majestic creatures and very emotional animals. When he heard about the internship opportunity at one of the Elephant reserves, he jumped at it. This summer should show him if he really did want to make a career out of working with elephants.

Gavin had been told that there would be another person joining the internship program with him this summer. She was due to arrive next week. She had missed signing up and they had almost refused to let her come. The head of the program told Gavin that he usually isn’t a pushover, but she sounded so desperate, and that made him forget for a moment about the rules, and he let her come.

He hadn’t given much thought to the other young woman coming, but he couldn’t deny that his curiosity was sparked. He was guessing that she wasn’t in a serious relationship, for would she be coming to Africa for 3 months if she was? Time had healed the wound that Abby had left, and he felt a stirring in his heart. He just may be ready to find love again.

The clock said 3:00pm. Gavin had been told that supper would be served at 6. He was looking forward to trying African dishes. He had been told that Boboti and Fried Plaintains would be served tonight as the main dishes, along with Mazagran, African Iced Coffee. Right now though his mind was on sleep. Jet lag was quickly overtaking him, and within moments he was sound asleep.

Derek was sitting in his office making sure all the paperwork was correct and that everything was in order to begin Gavin’s internship tomorrow. Gavin had very impressive grades and wonderful recommendations from his Professors. His essay about why he wanted the internship was well written and Derek felt eager to get to know him better. There would be a full time opening at the reserve soon. He wondered if Gavin might consider it after his summer here.

His eyes fell on the application of the other applicant who had been late to register. She had just called 2 weeks ago inquiring about the internship program. Derek didn’t know what made him listen to her on the phone as she pleaded to be allowed to be in the program. She said how she really needed a summer away and he was in shock as he heard himself give in to her!

Now while going over her paperwork, he began to have his doubts. She wasn’t even in college anymore. She had graduated with a zoology degree but hadn’t used it, and now was desperate for a new beginning. Her grades weren’t overly impressive and she had no recommendations from Professors. There were a couple paragraphs written about her from a few people, but they didn’t say how they knew her. The paragraphs didn’t elaborate too much on her qualities, besides saying that she was a good person. Derek rubbed his temples. What had he done? What was this young lady’s story? There had to be more than what she had told him.

He put all the papers back in the folders, as he looked as his watch. It was soon time to meet Gavin, supper was due to be serve. Let the summer adventure begin!

(to be continued…)

Finding a Place to Call Home!


This story is continued from yesterday’s post. Journey into the Unknown 

“What are we going to do now? We were following her. I have no clue which way to go now!” Libby moaned, “We are going to die out here, I just know it! We never should have tried to escape, what were we thinking!” 

Jill held her head as it was pounding from lack of sleep and not enough water. Libby’s yelling wasn’t helping any either! “Just eat some peanut butter crackers and let me think for a moment.” Jill snapped at Libby. 

“I would if I could, but it seems that she didn’t just run away from us, but she took all the food too! What little we had. Like I said, we are all going to die!”  Libby kept muttering to herself, as Jill started walking away, to get some peace. 

Jill watched the lizard slither past her. For a moment she wondered what would happen if they were to really get desperate for food, could she eat a …. ? As quickly as the thought entered her mind, she shook her head, making a face. No, she couldn’t do that! Then she heard a sound that sent chills through her, causing her to lose her balance and stumble. 

Oooh! She slid down over the rocks, stopping at the bottom of the hill. Pain coursed through her, and she had a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach when she looked at her foot, that was turned at an awkward angle. It was broken, she was sure of it. Again she heard the sound that brought chills. Was it a mountain lion or was it just her overactive imagination?  Right now she was really praying that her imagination was playing tricks on her. 

Lisette had done another inspection of her Inn. She was nervous, she wanted everything to be perfect for her parent’s arrival. She was so eager to show them the new life she had made for herself and to approve of it. She knew they really missed her, but she hoped that when they saw how happy she was here, that they would agree that she had found a wonderful place to settle down at. Of course, her Mom would want to know how many eligible bachelors were in the town? Lisette shook her head, she hadn’t even given guys a thought, she had been too busy for that! 

The town had been all abuzz again. Luke and his officers had tracked down Miss. Jill and Miss. Libby. They were safely back in prison. There had been no sign of Tanya. Looked like she had eluded them once again, though no one gave her much chance of survival. The peanut butter crackers and apples that she had on her could only last so long. Plus Luke had heard a Mountain Lion in the distance when they found Miss. Jill and Miss. Libby. One could only imagine the dangers that Tanya might encounter. 

it appeared that Miss. Libby was so glad in being rescued that she was spilling out everything. She admitted to threatening Miss. Jill, when Jill wanted to stop with the drug smuggling. Lisette was glad to hear that it looked like Miss. Jill would get a lighter sentence. 

Lisette took the dust cloth over the bookshelves one more time and then put it away. The Inn was spotless, everything was ready for her parent’s arrival tomorrow morning. She only had one guest right now staying at the Inn. A young lady named Sarah, who was an amazing pianist. Lisette enjoyed hearing the music through the Inn in the evenings. She was hoping to get a job at the library. Lisette thought she and Ellen, the librarian would work really well together. Ellen was about the sweetest lady you could meet, and a walking encyclopedia of information. Always interesting tidbits to share. 

The crock pot was simmering and starting to feel the kitchen with a good smell of a tender pork roast. It still had an hour to go, so Lisette thought she would take a walk to the park. 

She had walked a few blocks to the park and just sat down on the bench, pulling out one of her favorite books to read. Opening it up to the 10th chapter, she started to read, when she heard her name being called. 

“Lisette, Lisette, come play with us!”  She raised her head and saw Teddy and Susie looking at her. They were tossing a frisbee back and forth. They were a fun brother and sister that Lisette had babysat before. She did want to know what happened in her book, but the mystery could wait. Laying the book down, she got up and jogged towards them. “I’m coming!” and she caught the frisbee heading her way. Life was good! 

There was a limping figure walking slowly along the side of the road. “Ethan do you see her? She looks like she could use some help?” Jade said, as they were driving down the road. Ethan saw her, but he wished he hadn’t. He was headed to Vegas with the love of his life, he didn’t want to stop for a hitchhiker. 

Jade tugged on his arm, “We have to help her.”  Ethan smiled, Jade had such a caring heart, no wonder he loved her so much. He pulled his truck to a stop on the side of the road. 

Tanya saw the blue truck pull over and stop on the side of the road. Were they stopping for her, she wondered. Her mouth was parched, her throat so sore, and her legs felt like jelly. She felt like she could barely take another step. A free ride was exactly what she needed!