Living the Dream


This is the conclusion to the story I posted on Thursday. Here is the link, if you missed it. Once Upon a Dream…


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Snowball dropped his trashcan lid in fright and the others stared wide eyed! They had never seen such a strange sight before, what was it?

Before any of them could speak, the strange creature’s voice cackled. “Please help me! I am under the spell of the wicked witch.”

Alabaster nudged Snowball, “So what were you saying again, about not believing in the wicked witch?”

Jinx looked at the creature and said, “I am always glad to help when needed, but how exactly can we help you? We don’t have any special powers!”

The rest of them nodded their heads in agreement, looking at the creature and waiting for it to reply.

“Its really easy, you don’t need special powers. I will tell you a phrase to say and then you all repeat it back to me 4 times, and the spell on me will be broken.”

“Okay, we will do it, what is the phrase?”

“Nosotras somos locos”

Alabaster looked confused. “What does that mean?” he asked the creature.

“Its just the magic phrase, you don’t need to know what it means.” the creature said with a mischievous gleam in his eye.

“Whatever!” said Jinx

On the count of 3 they all repeated the phrase, “Nosotras somos locos” 4x and suddenly there was a man standing in front of them wearing a huge smile. “Thank you sooo much! You don’t know how long it took me to find someone to repeat the phrase to me. That was the only way to break the magic spell! Good luck to you all!” He turned his back on them and ran away laughing.

Jinx, Jangle, Alabaster and Snowball could only stare at each other in great shock! They were furry all over with bulging green eyes. They had turned into the strange creature!

“Well Snowball, you may not believe in the Wizard of Oz, but right now I sure am hoping you are wrong! We need to find that Wizard as soon as possible, lets go everyone!”

Starting to all run, they all bumped into each other and fell down. They weren’t used to running on paws!

Since running didn’t go too well, they walked, if you could call it walking. For a while they were silent, lost in thought. Then Alabaster spoke up.

“If this is the yellow brick road that leads to Oz, than where is Dorothy and her little dog Toto?” he asked.

“They are probably in the land of Oz already.” Jinx said.

“If there really is a land of Oz,” Snowball muttered under his breath.

They continued on, all them feeling more worried than they let on. How long would them remain this way? Was there really a Wizard, and even if there was, could he help them?

“Hey look I see the gate! Its the emerald gate!” Jangle said.

The rest looked at where Jangle was pointing and Jinx said, “It is a gate, but it most definitely is not emerald, its BLUE! Do you not know your colors?”

“Who cares what color it is, lets just hurry, the sooner we get through the gate, the sooner we find the great Wizard.” Alabaster said.

They all hurried up as much as possible and made it through the gate. They actually climbed up and over the gate, for none of them could open it.

They quickly realized that they were better at climbing up something than climbing down. All of them ended up falling as they were climbing down. They landed in a big mud puddle on the ground.

“We sure look great to see the Wizard now!” stated Jinx and he heard snickering behind him.

He turned around and saw 2 girls holding their hands over their mouths with merriment in their eyes.

“HI, my name is Dorothy. Do you all need some help, looks like you all had an encounter with the wicked witch.” said the girl.

“Well we didn’t see the wicked witch but yes we got tricked and now we are under her spell! I figured you would be here Dorothy. I knew this was the land of Oz,” Alabaster said, feeling proud. “Where is your dog Toto?” he asked.

This caused the girls to dissolve in more laughter.

“I am not that Dorothy!” the girl replied back. You aren’t in Oz!”

Snowball yelled, “I knew it! I knew there was no Oz!”

“Oh No! There is very much a land of Oz, but we aren’t it. This is the land of Waz!”

Everyone felt so confused and Jinx spoke up.

“Whatever this land is, Waz, Paz, or Maz, there is just one important thing that we need to know. Do you have a magic wizard in your land of “Waz?” Jinx asked, feeling doubtful.

“A magic wizard? Welll…not exactly a a magic wizard, but…” the pink haired girl interrupted Dorothy with a nudge and a wink, causing her to stop mid-sentence.

“We will take you to someone who will be glad to see you!” the pink haired girl said, giving Dorothy another conspiratorial wink.

The others felt like they had nothing to lose, so they followed the girls. When the girls passed the castle they all wondered where they were going. Shouldn’t the wizard be in the castle, even if it wasn’t really a wizard?

Instead they kept walking, until they came to a brilliant blue meadow. They couldn’t believe their eyes, there in the middle of the meadow they saw a blue alien like creature. While the girls went up to the alien and started talking to them, the others lagged behind, wondering if this day could get any more strange!

Oh what was that high pitched wailing noise, they all covered their ears. The next thing they knew they were surrounded by little blue aliens.

“We are very glad to have you! We are so very anxious to start our experiments!”

“Experiments, what experiments exactly?” Snowball asked, feeling his stomach turn.

The aliens didn’t respond they just grabbed them and started dragging them all away! The poor, poor, pitiful guys were feeling hopeless, like this was the end, when suddenly a flying dragon appeared in the sky!

The aliens quickly let go of the guys, screaming as they ran away! As the dragon got closer something looked very familiar to all of them. Had they seen this dragon before?

it swooped down and said, “My name is Dinosauris, quick, hop on my back!” He didn’t have to tell them twice they climbed on and up in the sky they flew!

“BUZZZZZZ!” Alabaster fumbled for the alarm clock to turn it off. He looked around the room. He was in his cottage, in his own bed, oh home never looked so good! He bounced on the bed in excitement causing the picture above his bed to fall and klunk him on his head.

Jinx woke up with a start, almost falling out of bed. He quickly ran to the mirror. YES! No fur! His head shined bright. He was so relieved!

Jangle woke up with the word “loco” stuck in his head. What did it even mean?

Snowball stumbled into his bathroom, still feeling sleepy. He looked in the mirror and …. OOOOH NO, his eyes were bulging and green! Oh he sure better still be dreaming!

30 thoughts on “Living the Dream

  1. Bush babies are cute. Everyone wants to own one. I suspect some very rich King and Queen will buy Snowball and pamper him, and give him a good life. So this will turn out to be a very fortunate thing for Snowball.

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  2. I am glad the alien experiments didn’t get started. Everyone knows how those go.

    There were a lot of emerald blues in this story, which seems about right.

    Dorothy, land of Oz, what Waz I thinking. The girls were Dorothy and Blanch, who had friends named Rose, and Sophia and they were the Girls from the Golden land of Waz.

    Liked by 2 people

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