Tuesday’s Thoughts!


Happy Blustery Tuesday! Reminds me of the story about Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day. Many happy hours as a child, were spent listening to these records as I followed along in the book. 

Have a wonderful Tuesday, and may good things be blowing your way!









“No comment!” LOL!


42 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. #1 is happening now…for months on end. I like #2 because it is close to a saying on my blog:
    “I have NOT lost my mind. It’s backed up on the server. The network is just down…again.” from a bumper sticker I saw in Austin, TX. #8 smart turkey.

    I miss my Pooh and Disney albums. My dad could sound like the gopher…”Well…the firsssssst thing we gotta do isssssss, we gotta get rid of thissssss bear, he’sssssssss gumming up the workssssssss.”

    One of my Disney albums had the 101 Dalmatians story. There was a skip in the record right where Cruella DeVille is run off the road and screams “You imbecile!” and it continually stuck right there, in the middle of her sentence. It sounded like an “imbecile” repeating echo until you moved the needle. LOL!

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