Breaking Free!


What a feeling! She was free at last and feeling jubilant! She was proud of herself for managing to escape. While walking through the woods, her heart yearned for adventure. She hoped to find some, now that she was out on her own. 

She had been walking for quite some time, stopping every now and then to graze on some patches of grass.  She was longing for some cool, refreshing water. 

“Hey, watch your step!” 

Startled by the little voice, she stopped in her tracks and looked down. 

2 turtles stared back up at her. “No one ever watches out for us small guys! You almost squashed my mate!” the one turtle said, while giving her a mean stare! 

“Oh I am so sorry! I know I am big, and can be clumsy at times, but I truly would never want to hurt you.” Tears started forming in her eyes. 

Myrtle felt bad for yelling. 

“its OK, don’t cry.  Nice to meet you. I am Myrtle and this is Tulag. What is your name?” 

“I am Henrietta. So glad to meet you. I am really glad to be out on my own at last, but was beginning to feel a little lonely.” 

“We haven’t seen very many hippos, but the hippos that we have seen looked different than you. I can’t say exactly what is different, but something is just not right. Are you really a hippo?”  Myrtle asked. 

Henrietta sighed. How many times had she been called different. At least Myrtle was being nice about it though. It wasn’t kids jeering at her, like they had, when she was back in the zoo. 

“Its my neck. I have a very long neck for a hippo. Who has ever heard of a long-necked hippo,” she said, sighing. 

“I think that your long neck is cool, it makes you unique!” Tulag said. 

Henrietta brightened up. Nobody had called her long neck “cool” before! 

“Thank you!” she replied, feeling happy about having met Myrtle and Tulag. 

“Where are you guys headed?” Henrietta asked. 

“Down to the river.” Myrtle said. 

“Oh, could I come with you? I would love to play in the water for a bit.” 

“Sure!” replied Myrtle. “Can we hitch a ride? We could get there a lot faster!” 

Henrietta bent her neck down and said, “Climb aboard the Henrietta Express!” 

Myrtle and Tulag happily climbed on and Myrtle gave Henrietta directions to the river. 

As they were making their way to the river, they chatted. Henrietta was eager to know all about them. They shared with her about the adventures they have had since Myrtle escaped from her terrarium. Tulag would have never met Myrtle if she hadn’t escaped that day long ago. She had found him sitting on a log at the river.  Hearing all this made Henrietta eager, if they could find adventure, she could too. 

They had great fun at the river! That water felt wonderful to Henrietta. After they played for awhile they rested in the sun. 

Once fully rested Henrietta continued walking and Myrtle and Tulag rode along with her. They really had no destination in mind, but they weren’t worried. At least they were together. Henrietta started singing as she walked, for she was so happy. 

“Ummm… Henrietta, do my ears a favor, and please, don’t sing!” Myrtle said. 

Henrietta laughed. “Did you ask if I could sing louder? Sure I can!” and she did. 

Poor Myrtle and Tulag buried their heads inside their shells, until Henrietta finally stopped singing. 

The three were headed to find adventure, but Myrtle secretly hoped that the adventure would have nothing to do with singing! 







70 thoughts on “Breaking Free!

  1. Your blog seems to be turning into a zoo. But this looks like a fun little animal adventure. Since Henrietta is a fugitive, I imagine she’s going to be pursued. So hopefully there will be a few exciting encounters with her pursuers, and perhaps a stomping or two. And if these turtles are snapping turtles, perhaps some of the villains could lose a few fingers in the fracases.

    I’m looking forward to the next episode in the exciting adventures of Henrietta, the Long-Necked Hippo.

    Liked by 2 people

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