Fun in the Water


How is your Sunday going? Its a rainy, lazy day here. Here are some pictures of animals having fun in the water. Meet Zonya, Bubbles and her Mama, from my story yesterday. The otters weren’t in my story, but, they were just too cute.  All pictures are from Pinterest. If it is raining where you are and the animals inspire you, feel free to go out and walk/dance in the rain. If you want to make a your brain work a little, feel free to think of a caption to the last picture. You can share it in the comments below. 





46 thoughts on “Fun in the Water

  1. Last Friday’s rain washed away last week’s snow. (I think the people in charge of the weather must have gotten confused lately.) Anyway, good bike riding weather.

    I think that about the only thing elephants like more than water is sugar cane. Good way to get a very insistent trunk hug.


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