Feelings of the Heart

This is the conclusion to the story that was posted on Thursday.  Finding Peace Enjoy! 

Gavin and Camille walked slowly back to the lodge. They didn’t speak, there were no words to express the heaviness in their hearts. They had read about the strong bonds elephants make with each other and how they grieve. It had stirred their hearts when reading, but witnessing it deeply moved their hearts. 

Sasha, the matriarch of her herd,  had died, and the other 9 elephants in her herd mourned her. They had made a circle around where she had fallen and stood tightly against each other. The elephants stood there for the whole day, extending their trunks and touching Sasha’s body. Then they slowly started picking up leaves with their trunks and covering her with them. 

After lunch, Gavin decided to ride out to the other parts of the reserve. Get his mind off of Sasha and try to figure out how he felt about Camille. While he was riding, in the distance he saw the zebras running. If only everything could be so plainly black and white. His mind often resembled what the black and white colors looked like when the zebras ran, a big blur! 

He had felt sorry for Camille when she opened up to him one night, as they were watching one of the amazing sunsets over the lake. She had been an only child and her parents had died when she was young. She had been raised by her grandparents. Her grandpa had died this past winter and her Grandma had died in the spring. Camille just needed to get away and have some time for herself. She needed to decide what direction her life was going to take now. Would she keep their house, stay in the town she had grown up in, or venture out to something new? She had been so busy taking care of them, that she really didn’t have many friendships. The kids she had grown up with had moved on with their lives. She was pretty much on her own, she had told him. Being from a big family, Gavin couldn’t imagine how she must feel. 

Gavin stopped the Land rover and got out. He thought he would take a walk and see if he could find the new baby rhino that had recently been born. He didn’t have to walk too far, before he saw it under a tree with its Mama. It might be a baby, but it was far from small! It weighed 110 pounds. Derek had said that some baby rhinos could weigh as much as 140 pounds when they were born. Gavin laughed to himself, his Mom had thought that he was a big baby at 10 pounds! 

He watched from a distance, he didn’t want to have to deal with an overprotective Mother Rhino. They had horns and they weighed a lot more than a baby rhino! He didn’t want to risk getting Mama mad. Mamas don’t like when you mess with their babies.  He was content to admire baby Zonya from afar. In time the Mama would let him get closer, just had to be patient. 

His walkie talkie went off, and he heard Camille’s voice. “Gavin, what are you doing?” 

“I am watching baby Zonya. Do you need me to do something?” 

Camille’s frustrated voice came across the walkie talkie. “Yes, we have an elephant that got stuck in a poacher’s trap. Could you help me get her out?” 

Gavin made a face, poachers made him so mad. All they cared about was money, they had no heart for the animals. 

“I will be right there.” 

He headed back to the Land Rover and took off. They were on a protected reserve, but poachers still tried, a lot of times they did manage to catch them, but unfortunately not all the times. Elephant and rhino tusks were worth a lot of money, and the poachers didn’t give up easily. 

It didn’t take too long to get the elephant out of the trap, once two of them were working at it. Fortunately Nadia wasn’t harmed too badly,  If only it always turned out that way. 

“Thanks for helping.” said Camille. 

“Glad you called me. Want to take a walk to the lake?” Gavin asked. Before Camille could answer, they were interrupted by Derek calling to them. 

“Hey guys!” Derek called, as he was strolling over to them. 

“Do you two have plans for tonight?” he asked. 

Gavin and Camille looked at each other and then Gavin looked at him and said, “Well, not exactly.” 

Derek caught the look between the two of them and he smiled to himself. “How about we go out for supper tonight? Go into the city.” 

Gavin saw Camille’s eyes light up, they hadn’t been off the reserve much, it would be nice to go out. 

“Sure, sounds great.” said Gavin. 

“Okay. I will meet you guys at my car at 6.” Derek said, and then he strode away. 

Gavin looked at Camille. ” Guess we can walk to the lake another night.”

Camille agreed. “Yes, you probably don’t want to get all wet before heading into town, do you?” she said with a teasing glint in her eye.  Bubbles had managed to give him a few showers whenever they were down at the lake. 

Camille’s mind was full, as she was back at the lodge getting dressed for the evening. What did she feel for Gavin? He was a really nice guy and seemed to have a caring heart. He had listened attentively when she was sharing her story.

She couldn’t deny that her heart was beginning to have that twitterpatted feeling whenever he was near. She sighed. Time would tell. For now, she wasn’t going to get too anxious about things, she just was ready to enjoy an evening out. Picking out her golden heart earrings, she put them on and smiled at her reflection in the mirror. She twirled around in her black dress. This summer was shaping up to be all she wanted and more. 




97 thoughts on “Feelings of the Heart

  1. With her face booked and her heart twitterpatted, she linked in to her feelings and expressed her true love, to which Gavin replied “I love you tube”. She then wrote a song that was an insta-grammy. A very pinteresting outcome, if you ask me.

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  2. I’m certain Camille is related to Tanya somehow.

    There is no “happily ever after” at the end of this tale, so I shall supply my own:

    Camille and Gavin dated for a lengthy time. One day, Camille was attacked by a Great Ape. Gavin heard her screams and ran to assist. But not her, the ape. Gavin loved that ape, and was always ready and willing to accommodate its every whim.

    That’s when a big elephant stepped in, and squashed Gavin on the spot. It was the same elephant that Camille and Gavin had rescued from the trap, earlier.

    Now there was a job opening, and Camille took over as head of the reserve. The elephant was always fed and pampered by her.

    Gavin, whose last name was Newsome, was buried, but the hyenas dug him up and ate him. His premature demise meant he would never go on to be governor of California, and never impose lockdowns, shutdowns, or other restrictions on the people of California.

    And they all lived happily ever after.

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