Finding Peace


This is the second part  to Monday’s post. Here is the link, if you missed reading the first part. Summer with the Elephants

Gavin was walking through the reserve. He had only been on the reserve for 3 weeks now, but he felt like it had been a lot longer. He had fallen in love with the elephants and with the reserve. Gavin had always loved wide open spaces. Had wanted to live in the country as a child, but they lived in the city. Being here in Africa, on the elephant reserve, he felt like he was finally where he belonged, his heart was full. 

One day Derek had taken Gavin and Camille out to see more of the reserve. It was huge, over 70,000 acres! There were more than just elephants! Gavin and Camille got to see giraffes and zebras and rhinos. Gavin was impressed at how graceful the giraffes looked as he watched them walk. They didn’t look gangly with their long necks, but elegant instead. 

Gavin smiled to himself as he remembered that day. It had given him a chance to get to know Camille better. She had just come a week ago, but she took charge right away. She was so grateful to Derek for letting her come and Gavin could tell that she was going to work as hard as she could to show him that he had made the right decision. She was feisty with a lot of energy. 

Camille was very friendly, and Gavin looked forward to working with her for the summer. She was average height, about 5’5 with dark brown hair that seemed to have a bronze glow to it. She had the cutest dimples when she smiled, and dark brown expressive eyes. 

“Hey Gavin…”  Gavin turned his head to see Derek walking towards him. 

“Did you need something?”  Gavin asked. I lost track of time walking around out here, just admiring the beauty. 

“All is fine, I was just going to ask if you had seen Camille?” Gavin shook his head. 

“Well if you see her, tell her I would like to see her please.”  Derek said. “Enjoy the rest of  your walk. I have been here for 7 years and I still get awed by its beauty.”  Derek clapped on him on the shoulder, and then turned to walk back to his office. 

Gavin continued on his way. He decided to walk down to the lake. Maybe he would get to see the elephants and rhinos playing in the water. He walked on and when he arrived at the lake he saw that he wouldn’t be alone. Camille was sitting down by the water. She had her back turned, so she didn’t see Gavin coming. 

He quietly walked down to her and she turned her head just as he was almost to her. Her face broke out into a bright smile. “Hi Gavin!” she said.

“Hi!” he replied, as he sat down beside her on the grass. 

2 elephants were playing in the water. It was Kenna and her baby Bubbles. Bubbles loved the water. He kept spraying himself. Gavin and Camille sat in silence, watching the elephants. 

Camille sighed. “This was just what I needed.” she said. 

“Sitting down her by the lake?” questioned Gavin. 

“No, coming here, this whole summer. A break from the real world.” 

Gavin was quiet, seeing if she would say more. She hadn’t talked much about her life back home. 

Her face was serene as Gavin looked at her. 

“I just had to get away. You know, sometimes, one just needs an escape, right?” 

Gavin nodded. “Yes, I understand.” he said, as questions were running through his mind. 

Bubbles started walking towards Gavin. Gavin had been working with him these past 3 weeks and felt elated that Bubbles was coming to say HI. He lifted his trunk and sprayed Gavin with the cool lake water. 

Camille was laughing, as she stood up. “I just noticed the time, I forgot I had a meeting with Derek. I better go. You may want to lie in the sun a little to dry off. See you at supper. ” she said with a twinkle in her eye. 

Gavin watched her walk away, and he couldn’t help but smile as he turned back around and looked at Bubbles. He patted his trunk. Oh yes,  this could be an interesting summer Bubbles! Gavin was sure Bubbles smiled, as she nuzzled him with her trunk. 






57 thoughts on “Finding Peace

  1. I have to agree with Jason. Camille is Tanya with an assumed name. You did mention in the story that she needed an “escape.” Also she talks about a “break” with the world. I think she’s referring to her jailbreak.

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