Tuesday’s Thoughts!


Happy Tuesday! It is absolutely gorgeous weather right now that we are having! Have to keep looking at the calendar to remember that it is November, for 70 degree weather is not our typical November weather. Hoping to go out and enjoy it today, for I know it won’t be long until I will be bundling up in layers and drinking Hot Cocoa to warm myself up! 











34 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. #2 speaks to me. So many shoot from the hip without a shred of knowledge. Isn’t it interesting that we all find different thoughts that inspire or move us?

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  2. It’s too warm for November standard, but of course I’m complaining.
    The first quote reminded me of my husband’s ex-wife. She bought a lot of things on credit. When he asked how much everything cost she said “it’s free. It’s on credit.” And fought with him for insisting it isn’t free if you had to pay later.
    But no. 9 is favorite 😂

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