Summer with the Elephants



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Gavin put his luggage in his room and collapsed on his king sized bed. He was exhausted after the long trip, but yet feeling excited that he finally was here.

He was looking at the pictures on the walls of his room. A room that would be his for the next 3 months. He was here on an internship for his zoology major. Gavin was thinking hard about working with elephants, he had always been fascinated by them. They were majestic creatures and very emotional animals. When he heard about the internship opportunity at one of the Elephant reserves, he jumped at it. This summer should show him if he really did want to make a career out of working with elephants.

Gavin had been told that there would be another person joining the internship program with him this summer. She was due to arrive next week. She had missed signing up and they had almost refused to let her come. The head of the program told Gavin that he usually isn’t a pushover, but she sounded so desperate, and that made him forget for a moment about the rules, and he let her come.

He hadn’t given much thought to the other young woman coming, but he couldn’t deny that his curiosity was sparked. He was guessing that she wasn’t in a serious relationship, for would she be coming to Africa for 3 months if she was? Time had healed the wound that Abby had left, and he felt a stirring in his heart. He just may be ready to find love again.

The clock said 3:00pm. Gavin had been told that supper would be served at 6. He was looking forward to trying African dishes. He had been told that Boboti and Fried Plaintains would be served tonight as the main dishes, along with Mazagran, African Iced Coffee. Right now though his mind was on sleep. Jet lag was quickly overtaking him, and within moments he was sound asleep.

Derek was sitting in his office making sure all the paperwork was correct and that everything was in order to begin Gavin’s internship tomorrow. Gavin had very impressive grades and wonderful recommendations from his Professors. His essay about why he wanted the internship was well written and Derek felt eager to get to know him better. There would be a full time opening at the reserve soon. He wondered if Gavin might consider it after his summer here.

His eyes fell on the application of the other applicant who had been late to register. She had just called 2 weeks ago inquiring about the internship program. Derek didn’t know what made him listen to her on the phone as she pleaded to be allowed to be in the program. She said how she really needed a summer away and he was in shock as he heard himself give in to her!

Now while going over her paperwork, he began to have his doubts. She wasn’t even in college anymore. She had graduated with a zoology degree but hadn’t used it, and now was desperate for a new beginning. Her grades weren’t overly impressive and she had no recommendations from Professors. There were a couple paragraphs written about her from a few people, but they didn’t say how they knew her. The paragraphs didn’t elaborate too much on her qualities, besides saying that she was a good person. Derek rubbed his temples. What had he done? What was this young lady’s story? There had to be more than what she had told him.

He put all the papers back in the folders, as he looked as his watch. It was soon time to meet Gavin, supper was due to be serve. Let the summer adventure begin!

(to be continued…)

83 thoughts on “Summer with the Elephants

  1. She’s not a very bright one, I suspect. Soon she shall be used as lion bait, so that Gavin can get close-up photos of the King of Beasts. If she survives that experience, then she’ll get to swim with the hippos, and perhaps taunt a few rhinos. Gavin will make sure he makes lemonade out of this hiring mistake.

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  2. I see an epic battle on the horizon between Derek and Gavin over this mystery girl. But then one night over a cup of Mazagran they realize their affection for each other and live happily ever after at the elephant preserve.

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