Messages of Love

Jade rolled up the note and put a string around it. She opened the cage and took out her pigeon. Held it in her hand as she tied the note around his leg. Opening her bay window, she whispered a prayer. Then she let the pigeon fly into the midnight blue sky.

She hoped he would understand. The words had been so hard to write and her eyes were still wet with tears.

Ethan paced the floor. His heart had plummeted when reading Jade’s note. He had to find a way to change her mind.

Surely he could win her Dad over. He never had cared for Ethan, but there was always hope, right? They were meant for each other, her Dad couldn’t tear them apart.

Ethan was burning the midnight oil, but it was worth it. The plan was all written down. All that was left was Jade agreeing to it.

Early in the morning at sunrise he opened the pigeon’s cage and tied his note around the pigeon’s leg. He sent it off with hope and a prayer, watching it fly into the morning light.

The message came back fast and it contained only 1 word. “YES!’ , signed with a heart.

Ethan’s heart was overflowing with joy. The plan was in motion, nothing could stop them!

It was midnight, she was breathing hard. She held her suitcase and was dressed in her favorite cotton blue dress. It was the dress that Ethan had bought her, saying how it brought out the blue in her eyes. The dress she was wearing when he asked her to be his wife.

She saw the headlights coming down the deserted country road. Her heart leapt with anticipation. The car stopped and Ethan got out.

“Oh Jade!” He took her in his arms, and kissed her with a yearning for the sweetness of her lips once again.

Jade was breathless as they looked into each others eyes. She may not be getting the wedding of her dreams but it didn’t matter when she had the love of her life. She slid into his truck. They would be in Vegas by morning.

55 thoughts on “Messages of Love

  1. Or so they thought. He put the truck into gear, then heard a loud explosion. Jade’s father had blown out a front tire of the truck, with his shotgun.

    Ethan heard the sickening ratcheting sound of the pump shotgun again, and then came face-to-face with a carbon blue barrel, and the red-veined eyes of the old man. “Out of the truck, Jade,” he ordered.

    Jade jumped out of the emerald blue truck, running beneath the midnight blue sky, in her cotton blue dress, circling the truck and coming face-to-face with the ice blue (but red-veined) eyes of her dad.

    “Daddy, don’t do it!” she screamed, while blueing the air with, “You f—ing bastard!”

    By this time, Ethan had found his blue-cased cell phone and called 9-1-1. “The boys in blue will be here any time,” he warned Jade’s dad.

    A siren sounded in the distance, and glowing blue flashing lights could be seen coming up over the hill.

    “Dammit,” the dad muttered. “I guess I really blew it.”

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  2. They were married by an Elvis impersonator at a cute little chapel. They got a few gambling chips for a wedding present and then went for a cabaret show. They had a little too much to drink but managed to get a hotel room. They were so tired that they fell asleep on their wedding night. The woke up the next morning with terrible hang-overs. They decided to head home but, his truck wouldn’t start. She called her father. He showed up several hours later, fixed the truck and followed Ethan home, having no idea that they were married. He took his daughter home and she had to break the news to him. He threw her out of the house and she called Ethan. He picked her up from the curb of her house and took her home with him. It would be two years before her father spoke to her, again…once he met his grandson.

    The big question is, WHY are they communicating with pigeons? If Ethan has a truck and Vegas exists, surely they have cell phones…unless this is set in the late 30s, early 40s.


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