Be Careful What You Wish For!

This story was inspired by a certain “follower”, who shall remain nameless. He enjoys my stories and likes to make suggestions at times, AKA “blackmail” AKA “friendly persuasion.” This time he specifically requested that I write a story where he is a Prince. A handsome Prince. I always aim to please, so here is the story. I hope he appreciates it. I did have fun writing it. Thanks to all of you for reading my crazy stories and for your comments, all of you bring me smiles! 

Curtis stamped the box with the ink pad and sent it on down the line. His mind kept wandering as the boxes kept coming.  He wondered what it would be like if he was a Prince. He would be spending his days in a castle, living a life of luxury. Eating a vast array of delicious foods and of course surrounded by the beauty of his adoring Princess! 

Everyone would adore him, for he would be so handsome and kind. They would be in awe of him, how could they not? 

Oops! 2 boxes just went by that he forgot to stamp! He better stop daydreaming until work is over. Or not only would he not be a Prince, but he also would be without a job! 

Finally the bell rang, signaling the end of the work day, and he gathered his things and left. He often enjoyed the walk home. It wasn’t that far, and it saved him from having to deal with bumper to bumper traffic. Today it was a little chilly, winter was coming. He was walking briskly, looking down at a text that had just come in on his phone. He never saw the hole. 

Wow! What a beautiful castle he thought. Curtis was admiring it as he stood in front of the gate. Then he saw the most beautiful woman walking towards the gate. Her lips were a scarlet red, matching her scarlet gown. He couldn’t take his eyes off her long, flowing black hair, she looked stunning! 

“Curtis, where have you been? I have been looking all over for you!” 

Curtis was shocked. She knew his name? He stared at her. “You know me?” he asked. 

Princess Catherine rolled her eyes. “Well of course I know you, what kind of question is that? You are the Prince! What woman doesn’t know her husband, you nitwit!” 

Curtis almost fell to the ground. What was going on? He was totally confused. He had to be dreaming, and as he looked into Catherine’s emerald green eyes, he hoped he would never wake up. 

She opened the gate for him and took his arm as they walked towards the castle. She was talking so fast as they walked, that he could hardly understand what she was babbling about, but he didn’t care. He lived in a castle! Goodbye to his tiny apartment, he had definitely moved up in the world.

Later that night, he was lying in bed with a painful stomach ache. When he had sat down to supper and saw all the food on the table his taste buds were salivating, but now food was the last thing he wanted to see! There was a knock on his door. “Come in.” he groaned. 

Matilda the servant walked in with a tray of hot steaming tea. 

“This is to settle your stomach. Your favorite peppermint tea.”  

“Tea? But I don’t drink tea”, Curtis said.

Matilda started laughing. “You don’t drink tea? You drink around 8 cups a day! What are you talking about?” She kept shaking her head as she walked out the door. He thought he heard her mutter something, about him being a little cuckoo in the head. 

He stared at the teapot and teacup. Well, he didn’t think it could make him feel any worse, so he may as well try it. 

OUCH! He burned his tongue. So now he had a burnt tongue and a upset stomach. Sighing he laid back down in bed, when his door was flung open. 

“You are still lying there? You have a Polo match to get ready for.”  Princess Catherine was frowning as she stood over him. 

Where was her loving concern for her ailing husband? Were not Prince’s supposed to be adored! Especially a handsome Prince like himself. 

“Honey, I am not feeling well.” he stammered out. 

“Oh please! You will be fine, and what do you mean “Honey”? I am not some sticky substance, I am Princess Catherine!” She said this to him, as she was looking at herself in the mirror and putting on more lipstick. “Mirror Mirror on the wall, whose the fairest of them all? Me of course!” She laughed to herself. 

“Be downstairs in 30 minutes. How will it look to everyone if Prince Curtis doesn’t show up to the Polo match. Oh and make sure you shave that stubble on your chin, you look like you are growing a bush on your face. Hurry now, no time to waste!”  She primped a little bit more in front of the mirror and then left the room, closing the door. 

Curtis couldn’t make sense of this. This wasn’t the life he imagined as a Prince. His wife was anything but loving and his servants laughed at him, and he knew nothing about Polo! 

He was beginning to hope that this all was a dream and that he would wake up soon! Groaning he got out of bed and stepped out onto the floor. “OUCH!”  He had stepped on something sharp. Looking down at his foot he saw Princess Catherine’s broach that she had been wearing. It must have fallen off and now was stuck through his foot. He pulled it out, wiping the blood off his foot. 

Great! Now he had a sore foot, a burnt tongue and an upset stomach. He muttered something under his breath and grabbed his razor to shave. he shaved half of his face and the razor died. Looking at himself in the mirror made him feel even sicker. 

Maybe the fresh air would do him good. How hard could it be to play Polo, he knew there was a ball involved. He bent down to put on his shoes and then stood up. “KLONK!” He hit his head on the bed post. Muttering words that were not proper for a Prince to say, he left the room, slamming the door behind him. 

Princess Catherine was downstairs waiting for him and glared at him walking down the steps. She took his arm at the bottom of the steps and said. ” What did you do to your face? Now you look lopsided?” 

“The razor died.” he replied and she rolled her eyes. 

“Why are you limping?” she asked, as they walked towards the door. 

“Because I stepped on your broach!” he snapped, handing it to her. 

There were sparks in her eyes when she looked at it. “It’s bent! You broke it!” 

Curtis didn’t say a word, he thought it was safer that way. He was really starting to long for living the single life again! What had he been thinking wishing to be a Prince! He felt like smacking himself in the head, but his head was already hurting. 

Out the door they went and walked to the polo field. There were horses! That’s when it struck him. Polo was played on horses. He didn’t know how to ride a horse! His face got pale and he started feeling sicker. 

“I can’t do this.” he said to Princess Catherine. 

“What are you talking about? Do you have noodles in your brain? Don’t embarrass me! Now get up on the horse!” 

Curtis had no choice but to obey, for everyone was standing there waiting for him. They would never believe that Prince Curtis couldn’t ride a horse, they would wonder what kind of fool he was! Oh, this dream of his to be a Prince was really not going as planned. 

Taking a deep breath he got on the horse, trying to ignore his throbbing head and nervous stomach. 

“Let the game begin!” someone shouted and everyone rode to the middle of the field, where each one was handed his stick. 

He kept losing track of the little white ball as he rode, but he was impressed that he was staying on the horse. Suddenly his horse reared up and Curtis fell off, landing flat on his back. He was knocked out cold. 

“Curtis, Curtis, do you hear me?”  Curtis opened his eyes and looked around. Why was his landlord standing in front of him?

“Mrs. Banera” 

“Oh Curtis, you had us worried! You never came home from work. You were supposed to come over for supper tonight. I sent my husband out to look for you. He found you lying on the ground. Apparently you had tripped in a hole and hit your head on a log. You have been sleeping for a couple hours now. How do you feel?” 

His head was throbbing but he managed to smile. It had all been a dream. He wasn’t a Prince and there was no Princess Catherine. He was home! Breathing a sigh of relief, he smiled, and murmured ,”I am fine, just fine.” 

“So glad to hear that! I had invited you over for supper, so that you could meet my niece who is staying with us for a little.” said Mrs.Banera 

“Catherine, he is awake now, come and meet him!” 

Had Curtis heard right, did she say Catherine? He looked and saw a girl walking into the room with long, flowing black hair. 

“Curtis! Curtis! Where are you going?”  Mrs. Banera and Catherine stared after him as he ran out the door. 



45 thoughts on “Be Careful What You Wish For!

  1. In the future I’m going to include a first-aid kit with any of my story suggestions. This is not what I had in mind, about being turned into a prince. Besides, it was nothing more than a coma-induced dream. Curtis didn’t really get turned into a prince.

    I will have to ponder all of this, as I contemplate my next course of action. My decision will be made apparent on Sunday.

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