Untangling the Web

The following story is a continuation from last week’s post. Here is the link if you missed reading it. Spinning the Web

Lisette had been working for Miss. Jill for a month now and she had no doubt that something strange was going on. Miss. Jill obviously was doing something very secretive, and Lisette was afraid that it was illegal. Why else would Miss. Libby have been so against Lisette working there? 

Customers would come in specifically asking for Miss. Jill and she would take them into the back room while Lisette ran the store herself. Sometimes they were just in the back room for a short amount of time, but other times it got rather long. 

Lisette felt brave a couple times and when Miss. Jill would go to lunch she tried to slip into the back room, but it was always locked. If only someday she would forget to lock it before going to lunch! 

The only thing that Miss. Jill said about the back room was that there would be times she would have to go back there for certain special customers. She told her how she would need Lisette to be in charge of the store when she was back there. When Lisette started to ask some questions, Jill just went onto another subject, like she had never heard her. Miss. Libby was the same way when Lisette tried to bring it up at breakfast one day. 

Lisette sighed, feeling frustrated! Did she really want to work for someone who could be involved in something illegal? Not to mention the fact that she was lodging with someone who was also possibly involved in illegal activity! What would her Mama say if she knew of this? Oh it would cause her gray hairs for sure! 

One day after work Lisette stopped by the Fluffer Nutter Shoppe. She could use a sweet Salted Caramel Latte and a powdery cream filled donut to go with it. That would lift her spirits. Today had been extra busy at work. Not with paying customers, but Miss. Jill’s special customers! She was in the back room for a large part of the day! 

The bell dinged as she walked into the Fluffer Nutter Shoppe. Mr. Fluff and Mr. Nutter were involved in what appeared to be a serious game of checkers. They looked up and smiled and said they would be right with her, if she didn’t mind waiting. 

“I am just about ready to beat this old guy”, said Mr. Fluff. 

“Who are you calling old?” 

“Who do you think? Checkmate!” Mr. Fluff smiled big as he successfully took all of Mr. Nutter’s remaining checkers off the board. 

Mr. Nutter muttered under his breath and Lisette laughed. Poor guy, he never seemed to win. 

“What can I get you? My treat today in honor of another winning game!” Mr. Fluff said. 

“Oh, well in that case I will have 2 powdery cream filled donuts please and a Salted Caramel Latte. Thank you! ” replied Lisette. 

It didn’t take long at all until Lisette’s taste buds were savoring the taste of the creamy donuts. While she was sitting there eating, Mr. Nutter asked her how she liked working for Miss. Jill. 

“Its going fine, she is a very nice lady.” said Lisette. 

“Yes, yes that she is”, replied Mr. Nutter, “Do you ever notice anything strange going…” 

Mr. Fluff interrupted him. “Don’t bother the girl with questions.” he said, but Mr. Nutter ignored him and repeated the question. 

“Do you ever notice anything strange going on at the store?” 

Lisette bit her lip, should she confide in them her suspicions? How did she know if she could trust them? Maybe they were involved too. 

“Ummm…No, not really.” she replied. 

“Not really?” Mr. Fluffer asked, as he raised his eyebrows. 

“Welll…” and before Lisette could stop, she was pouring out the story to them and her suspicions. 

Mr. Nutter walked over to the door and turned the sign to close and said. “We should talk.”  Lisette’s stomach turned. What was he going to say, was she in trouble now? 

Lisette could hardly sleep that night. Her mind was swimming with what Mr. Nutter and Mr. Fluff had told her. She had to see for herself. Tomorrow she was going to find a way into the back room. Seeing was believing! She fell into a fitful sleep. 

Lisette’s stomach was full of butterflies. She had barely eaten breakfast. She was so nervous about this afternoon and the truth that she may find in the back room. Time seemed to pass so slowly. Finally Miss. Jill left the store for her lunch break, now was her chance. Lisette went outside and around to the back of the store. She found the door and squeezed her eyes shut as she tried the knob. Yes! It was unlocked! She didn’t know why she hadn’t thought of the back entrance before. 

She entered and she gasped. It was just like Mr. Fluff and Mr. Nutter had described. It looked like a quilt shop. There were quilts stacked on the table and some looking like they were still being sewn. Lisette’s hands were shaking as she took her scissors and started to cut into one of the quilts that had been neatly folded and stacked. It was true! She found the secret pouch between the folds of the quilt and the contents of the pouch. She held the pouch in her hands in disbelief! They were smuggling drugs! 

“LISETTE!” Lisette froze hearing her name. She looked up and saw Miss. Jill standing in the doorway. Lisette turned as pale as a ghost. 

“Oh Lisette what have you done!”

Lisette had no words, she didn’t even think she could scream if she needed too, she couldn’t move! 

“You have to believe me, this wasn’t my idea! Miss. Libby conned me into it, and once I knew what she was doing, I couldn’t get out. I want to stop, I do, but….but…she’s made threats, I just can’t!”  Miss. Jill put her face in her hands as she started to cry. Lisette started to feel sorry for her, but at the same time she knew she had to get out of there. What if  Miss. Libby dropped by and found her there. She ran out the back door and with her adrenaline pumping she kept running! 

Once again she found herself at the peaceful meadow, by the creek. Oh what was she to do. How could she face Miss. Libby now that she knew the truth. Miss. Libby would see the truth written all over her face, she would know that Lisette knew, and then what would she do?? Would she threaten her, like she did to Miss. Jill? She wanted to run far away, she couldn’t go back to town, she just couldn’t. 

Lisette felt eyes on her and she was afraid to turn around. Someone was behind her, she could feel it. Her nerves were so tight, she almost screamed when turning around. Relief ran through her when she saw that it was only Betsy. Betsy with the deep dark, brown eyes, that bore into her. Like she knew all her secrets. Betsy with the enchanted cow bell hanging around her neck. The enchanted… Suddenly Lisette knew what she had to do, she yanked on the cow bell with all her might, ringing it 3x, praying that it would work!  

POOF! Purple and pink smoke filled the air and she was knocked off her feet. The smoke cleared and Lisette got up on her feet. She was definitely not in the meadow anymore, but where was she? “MOO!” Lisette jumped, she was not alone! 




105 thoughts on “Untangling the Web

  1. So the Fluffer Nutter guys give her a free treat? How can they possibly make a living doing that? Unless their store is a front, and they’re actually involved in money laundering. Probably for Miss Libby.

    Lisette had her opportunity to join this drug smuggling quilting bee, and make a ton of money. Instead, she ran. So it appears that Betsy will have to eliminate her. First Betsy magically transports her to a remote location where there are no witnesses. Next, well, it ain’t pretty. But Libby, Jill, and the Fluffer Nutter guys will never have to worry about being ratted out by Lisette. The problem is taken care of.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Now I want a Salted Caramel Latte, but it’s after 1:30 a.m. and Starbucks is closed! I did so want to see Lisette stay in town and help Miss Jill figure a way out of this predicament. Sigh. Whatever will Miss Jill do? And where the heck has Lisette ended up now? I shall lose sleep over this one …

    Liked by 1 person

      • Ha ha … I get Starbucks about once a week, so they would go bankrupt if they stayed open ’round the clock just for me! I AM losing sleep over Miss Jill … she cannot go to prison, end up as Tanya’s cellmate, and … well, only you can know what might happen then!


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