A dream or??

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Stefan couldn’t be seeing what he was seeing, could he? But if that lady really wasn’t playing the piano, than where was the music coming from? He stood there transfixed, watching the lady’s fingers move up and down the keyboard. Who was she?

He was having second thoughts about staying at this house. The Shepler’s , their neighbors, were going on vacation for a week, and they had wanted someone to stay at their house, while they were gone. They had a Boston Terrier and a Sheltie, that needed taken care of, plus a pot bellied pig!

Stefan had been excited at first, for he loved dogs and he couldn’t wait to take Penelope the pig for a walk. He had no qualms of being alone in a house for a week. His parent’s lived  next door.  He was looking forward to being alone, having peace and quiet. Time away from his tattle tale sister and pesky brother.

The first few nights were fine, but then he started hearing the music. The first time he heard it he just ignored it, he was too tired and went back to sleep. He was wide awake tonight though when hearing it, so he couldn’t resist checking it out.

He had crept down the stairs. Why he had crept, he didn’t know, what was he afraid of? He probably had left the stereo on. He hadn’t had it on a classical station though and it sure wasn’t rock music that was playing!

Now he stood frozen in place, not knowing what to think or do! Snickers, the Boston Terrier had her ears straight up, while looking at the piano. Trixie, the Sheltie was snoring away.

Dare he call out to the mysterious lady? He thought about it, but then he remembered he didn’t believe in ghosts! This lady had a strange glow around her. The burgler alarm hadn’t gone off, so how did she get in here?

She kept playing, and Stefan felt himself get a chill, starting to shake all over. He needed to get back under his covers. Running up the stairs he jumped in his bed, and pulled the covers over his head.

When he woke up the next morning he tried to tell himself that it was all a dream. He kept repeating that to himself all day, trying to get himself to believe what he was saying.

That night he stayed awake as long as possible, afraid to go to sleep, but he finally gave into it. He slept peacefully all night long. The next night he did too, and he began to relax. It must have been all a dream, probably from eating a cold  anchovy pizza. before bed. He played with the dogs the next day, took Penelope on a walk and was happy, feeling all was well.

What was that noise? NO! It couldn’t be the music again! He was awake, he pinched himself to prove it! He had just gone to bed a little bit ago.

Pulling the covers over his head, he tried to tell himself to stop shaking. Just one more night to go, surely he could make it for just one more night.

The music seemed to go on forever as he laid under his covers. Finally it stopped and slowly he felt himself relax , feeling  his eyelids get heavy.

Fortunately the next night all was quiet and the Shepler’s came home at noon the next day. Stefan was more than happy to go home! Even if meant dealing with a tattle tale sister and a pesky brother. He actually found himself missing them. He would take them over ghosts any day!!

101 thoughts on “A dream or??

  1. Stefan shouldn’t have eaten the brownies he found in the fridge. But the ghost seemed harmless, so what was he so worried about? Did you know that ghosts can never get away with telling a lie? That’s because you can see right through them.

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