Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Sometimes we can’t see because of the dense fog, and sometimes its something else clouding our “vision.”

Ally, from a fun question this morning. What is your favorite word or words? No need to feel ferhoodled! Just share your word/words in the comments below, maybe you can teach us a new one!

Its not the size of the gift that makes it sweet! PB cups are tiny.

32 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. My favorite word is quite dependent on what I’m trying to say at the moment.

    Yesterday, typing into that box (referenced in Ally’s post) while being restricted to a limited vocabulary was not as much fun as being able to have ALL words at my disposal.

    Plus some times I like to make up words like Dr. Seuss:

    Thereโ€™s something fun about limericks
    Especially those that boast gimmericks
    They make us smile
    And ponder awhile
    On the sleight of tongue trickericks

    Hereโ€™s to the liberal literary license of limericks!

    After all, where would Dr. Seuss be
    If he had limited his vocabulary
    To words already written
    Would we be as smitten
    If it hadnโ€™t called it a Truffula tree?

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  2. “Ferhoodled”… I was astonished to search the word and actually find a definition! Between you and Tippy, I’ve probably doubled my vocabulary of abstruse if sententious vernacular. “Ferhoodled” is thus moved to the top of my list, and I shall endeavor to use it at least three times today!

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