3AM Thoughts!

Lisette tossed and turned, and turned again. The bright green glow from her alarm clock showed that it was 3AM!

Letting out a groan she grabbed her pillow and smacked it down on the bed, what was she going to do?

Her cell phone had messages from work, her friends and her Mom. She had texted them before so that they wouldn’t worry about her absence, but now they were wanting details.

She had been at Miss. Libby’s Bed and Breakfast Inn for a week now. Miss. Libby was so nice, hadn’t asked her any questions, just told her how glad she was to have her there. Business had been slow lately and she was getting lonely.

Lisette could easily get used to being spoiled by Libby’s delicious meals. As a rule, she only provided breakfast , but she was so glad for Lisette’s company, that she happily made supper for her too.

Lisette was grateful for her hospitality. Everyone she had met so far had been so kind. It seemed like a nice, little town. She loved the quaint little shops. She had went clothes shopping the first day she was there, for she really needed new clothes!

Miss.Libby had referred her to Miss.Jill’s Fabric and Dress Shop. Oh, the beautiful clothes she had! Lisette was so glad that she had money on her when she had shaken the cow bell.

She really was enjoying herself here. Back home she had wrestled with not knowing the next step to take, but now….perhaps she had just taken the next step! Perhaps this town was meant for her. Miss. Libby had said that she was welcome to stay as long as she would like.

They enjoyed afternoon teas. Miss. Libby loved to talk and Lisette was fascinated with the stories she shared about her life, as she sipped her Vanilla Chai tea. Miss. Libby had lived in this town for a long time and she could tell you about every person who lived here.

One afternoon she had told Lisette that she needed to tell her the story of the Chicken Man. The Chicken Man? Lisette was curious but Miss. Libby said she had to lie down for her nap and she would tell her later. Lisette was still waiting.

When Lisette walked through town she had seen “Help Wanted” signs on some of the shops. She really needed a job, if she planned on staying. Thats what she would do. She let out a contented sigh. She had a plan.

In the morning, after a yummy breakfast of eggs, bacon, grits and pancakes with a slice of honeydew melon, she would go out job hunting.

If she found a job that she enjoyed she would stay. A simple plan … the only difficult part was going to be explaining it to her friends and her parents.

The glowing numbers on the clock said 3:45, she had to get some sleep. This would all work out, thats what she would tell herself. Think positive. That is what her Dad had taught her to do. She wanted adventure and it looked like she had found it, thanks to the magic of an old, enchanted bell.

36 thoughts on “3AM Thoughts!

  1. My clock always glows red. I think green would be easier on the eyes.

    Lisette is in a strange town due to a magical cow bell…that she dropped… I’m surprised Miss Libby hasn’t mistaken her for someone else, like all the others. I still think she is body-hopping like Quantum Leap.

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    • Our clock is green, so I say yes, its easier on the eyes. πŸ™‚

      LOL! Maybe she is going to be mistaken for someone, just not by Miss. Libby. And maybe she won’t, she will just enjoy her new home and peace will abound.

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  2. I think she’ll find a job as a milk maid or cow herder. After all, it’s only natural that an enchanted cow bell would lead her to such an occupation. So she’d better pull on her boots, don her straw hat, and get out there on a job hunt.

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  3. Oh Goodie!!! Miss Jill is back in the picture! Um … I was hoping not to have to tell you, but … there is more than clothing being sold at Miss Jill’s shoppe! And Carolyn … do you know the last time I wore a dress … an actual dress … was probably 40 years ago? Now, I wore business suits until I retired in 2008, but I HATE dresses! Miss Jill’s dress shoppe is actually a jeans ‘n t-shirts shoppe, plus the … um … extra side business which, contrary to what Jason thinks, is NOT a money-laundering business, but rather a bootlegging operation! Lisette should probably try to get back home to her Grannie before Tanya shows back up, don’t you think?

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