Tuesday’s Thoughts!

I think this is a really cute, creative way to announce a pregnancy. No, this is not MY picture! Thought I would clarify that, before any of you fainted with shock. It is my dear niece that is expecting, and we all are excited to welcome another sweet baby into our family.

May this week bring you joy and hopefully these quotes will too!




Every year my friend sends me a joke about Candy Corn, for she knows I like Candy Corn. I realize I am probably in the minority here, but hey speak up if you like Candy Corn too. I am not totally crazy, I like peanut butter cups too!







71 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. I like candy corn. I also like #7. Generally, the best way to speak in a way that makes people love to listen, is to dangle a $100 bill before their eyes. And to listen in a way that makes people love to speak, is to hear all the things they want to do with the $100.

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  2. Okay, candy corn is like this…I don’t love it, in fact, its much like chewing on wax, but there is something inherently “autumn” about it that I have to have at least a few every autumn. (And then I remember how much its like chewing on wax!)

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