Love at the Falls

For Part 1, here is the link, Mystery at the Falls  

I hope you enjoy the conclusion! 

Trisha stared down at the diamond ring in her hand, and looked around, wondering how many people had walked by it. How long had it been lying in the leaves? Her auburn hair was blowing in the wind as she stood there thinking about the person who dropped it.

Did they have any idea of where they had lost it at? How long did it take them to notice that it was missing? She could imagine the hopeless feeling that they had, if they thought they had dropped it in the woods. How could they hope to find it in a woods covered by leaves that had people traipsing through it every day to see the beautiful Falls. 

Inspecting it closer she noticed writing engraved on the inside of the sparkling band. “You are my Rose!” The diamonds sparkled in the sun. It looked to be a very expensive ring. She slipped it into her pocket, determined to find the person it belonged too, though not sure how likely that was to happen. Her mind was thinking of ideas as she continued her climb to reach the top of the Falls. 

Whoa! Trisha almost lost her balance as a man ran into her. 

“I am so sorry”, the man said, with a frantic look on his face, as he continued running down the path. 

Trisha stared after him and saw him looking down at the ground and crouching down picking up leaves. What was he doing, she thought. She started walking towards him. He was definitely frantic, and at one point he sat down and held his face in his hands. 

“Excuse me sir, Can I help you?” Trisha asked, after she tapped him on the shoulder. 

“I lost it! I can’t believe I lost it! Today was supposed to be so perfect and soon she is going to meet me at the top of the Falls and….” he let out a long moan!

Trisha’s heart went out to the poor man, who was literally starting to pull out his hair.  “What did you lose?” 

“Her ring. I was going to propose to her today. She has changed my life in a thousand beautiful ways and today I was going to ask her to be my wife for a thousand years. I got up to the Falls, and went to pull the ring out of my pocket one more time to look at it and it was gone! It must have fallen out on my way up here, I will never find it!!”

Trisha broke out in goosebumps as she pulled the sparkling ring out of her pocket. “I am not sure if this is your ring, but I …” The guy’s face lit up like a thousand suns! 

“You found it! You found it! Oh you are amazing!” He impulsively gave her a big hug! 

“Thank you so very much! You have saved the day!” 

Trisha’s heart was warmed by his enthusiasm and she wore a big smile as she watched him running towards the Falls. 

She stood there for a few moments after he was out of sight and then turned around to head back. Tomorrow she would hike to the top of the Falls, today was their special day. She would go back to the rock she had been sitting on and listen to the roaring water some more. Maybe she would daydream about her Prince Charming. Her prince wasn’t  frantically looking for a lost ring. No, she figured that her prince was probably wandering around lost. Someone needed to show him the way to her,  for he probably wouldn’t ask for directions! 







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