Mystery at the Falls

Bushkill Falls

Trisha sat down on the rock. She had to take a rest. She didn’t know it would be such a hike to the top of the Falls. It felt so good to rest her feet for a little and listen to the water roar.

She watched the water flow, letting her mind drift away. Daydreaming was always relaxing. For a moment she looked away from the water and down at her feet. Her eyes suddenly opened wider when she happened to notice something in the leaves just a little ways in front of her. What was it? Curiosity got the best of her, as she got up from the rock and walked over to the object that she saw. Wow! This was something that she had never expected to find in the woods. What should she do?

Trisha smiled, today was certainly not going to be just an ordinary day.

(to be continued…) What do you think she found?

72 thoughts on “Mystery at the Falls

  1. Trisha had discovered a handgun, that had recently been discarded by a fugitive fleeing from the police. Wow! Her heartbeat accelerated as she leaned over and picked it up. She spun the cylinders and they rolled smooth as the wheels of a Lincoln Continental. She took aim at a squirrel on a branch and, BLAM-O, nailed that sucker between the eyes. What a pristine weapon she had discovered!

    Oh well, finders keepers. She tucked the revolver into her waistband and headed back for home, while plotting and planning all the ways she could get rich with this fine piece. Let’s see, there was Whale’s Fargo bank, Chaste Bank, Bank of a Merrygoround . . .

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