The Sunflower Cow

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Sally and Mikey were so excited! They were in the family room talking about the fair that they were going to tonight. There were carousel rides, where Sally loved to pick the pink horse to ride and Mikey picked the black and gold one. This year Sally was looking forward to going on the Ferris Wheel. She had been scared the other years, but she was bigger now and Mikey promised her that he would hold her hand if she got scared. 

Mikey liked to tease her a lot, but he was a kind big brother when she needed him. 

Mikey told her that if she rode the Ferris Wheel that he would win her one of those really big teddy bears. All he had to do was knock down all the bottles with the ball. He had almost done it last year, so surely he could this year! 

Sally couldn’t wait to have a bear almost as big as her! 

They also were looking forward to the food, corn dogs and funnel cakes! 

“Mikey and Sally, are you finished cleaning your rooms? You know we can’t leave for the fair until they are clean!”  

Sally lifted her head from the book she was reading and Mikey stopped playing with his matchbox car. They looked at their Mom’s face as she stood in the middle of the family room. Uh-oh, she had her serious face on. They quickly got up without a word and ran to their rooms. 

it seemed to take forever, but finally their rooms were clean and they were all in the car heading to the fair. 

What fun they had! Sally rode the carousel 3x and she rode the Ferris Wheel. She got a little scared, but the view from the top was so cool! Mikey kept his word and he spent all his money trying to win her the big bear. On his last throw he knocked them all down and Sally cheered, giving him a big hug. Oh, she was so happy! 

“What are we going to do now?” asked Mikey and Sally, looking at their Mom and Dad. 

“How would you guys like to see a Dog Parade?” 

Mikey and Sally jumped up and down, they loved dog! 

“Really, a dog parade, here?” they asked. 

“Yes, its a special event for the first night of the fair. It should be starting pretty soon, lets go find a good place to stand and watch.” 

This was the bestest night ever thought Mikey and Sally!

“YAY! Its starting!” They shouted, as the music began to play and they saw the first dog, leading the group. A St. Bernard, followed by 3 poodles in little tutus which made Mikey laugh. Then there was a Labrador and the cutest Boston terrier you ever did see. 

Suddenly there was a commotion, the dogs all started barking and Mikey and Sally’s eyes got as round as saucers! 

“Daddy, Daddy! What is a cow doing in a dog parade?”

Mommy and Daddy were speechless, almost everyone was, as they all stared at the huge brown cow walking proudly with sunflowers around her neck! 

“Mommy, the cow is smiling!” said Sally. 

Her Mom had never seen a cow smile, but she couldn’t deny that the cow did look very happy as she walked down the road. She seemed to know where she was headed. 

The crowd didn’t seem to bother her, as she walked down the road and out of the fairgrounds. She was the talk of the whole town, though Miss. Bloomfield did not like how her little, chihuahua Clarabelle did not get to be the star of the show!  

Mikey couldn’t stop talking about the cow all the way home and Sally just loved the pretty yellow flowers that had been around the cow’s neck. . 

“Mommy, I want a bunch of  yellow flowers to wear around my neck, please oh please!” she begged. 

It took awhile for Mikey and Sally to fall asleep that night due to all the excitement. They also may have had a little too much ice cream and funnel cake. 

Early the next morning Tucker had just pulled onto the interstate and he couldn’t believe what he saw out of the corner of his eye. He had seen a lot of strange sights while trucking, but never one quite like this! There was a cow walking in the field, but this wasn’t just an ordinary cow, this cow had sunflowers around her neck! The cow seemed happy just trotting along, as  Tucker cruised down the road. He smiled as he turned on the radio, the trucking life, sure could be filled with surprises! 




102 thoughts on “The Sunflower Cow

  1. Wait, who’s Tucker?

    It was very helpful for Betsy the Cow to show up at the fair. This fair could have been a super-spreader event, but Betsy’s presence helped everyone acquire herd immunity. And so, they all lived happily ever after.

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