Simply Stunning

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Jenna couldn’t stop smiling, it had been the perfect day. She was married! Her long awaited day had finally happened. She let her eyes wander over to the bridge where Cole was standing with his groomsmen. The photographer had wanted to snap a few more photos with the sun starting to set. Soon Jenna would join them, but for now she had stolen a few moments alone. 

The way the sunbeam was coming through the one sunflower was so beautiful! Jenna really had really felt like a fairytale bride as she walked through the path of sunflowers earlier to meet Cole and say their vows. 

Her bridal party had looked so pretty in their dresses of periwinkle blue, holding their simple bouquet of lovely Fall Flowers. Stargazing lilies, were among the flowers, and one of Jenna’s favorite. There were definitely stars in her eyes today.

Jenna’s friends had done an amazing job playing the music for the wedding. The violin with the cello filled the field with beautiful music.

She looked over towards the bridge again, watching Cole, he was laughing with his friends and then his eyes caught hers, and his love shined bright. His smile warmed her heart. He had been her stable rock over the past month when Jenna was getting frantic about all that could go wrong. How it could rain, or what if the flower girl got sick, what if a bad storm came and destroyed the sunflowers. Her mind would start to go 100mph, and Cole would gently remind her that nothing would ruin the most special day of their lives! He was right, as he usually was, the day had been perfect! 

Her eyes roamed to the farmhouse, that stood empty now. Farmer Ben had planted the Sunflowers for her, but last month he had moved to a warmer climate to retire. He had given the few animals that he had to his brother who lived out West. It felt strange not seeing the cow watch her from the field or hearing the rooster crow, but they were long gone, and far away now. 

Life was changing and Jenna was so ready for this new adventure. Everything was packed, after a honeymoon at the Fiji islands, they would be moving to their new home by the beach. 

The photographer was walking towards Jenna. “Stay right there. Don’t move. You look stunning standing by that sunflower with the sunbeam shining through.” 

She started snapping pictures as Jenna’s eyes found Cole’s once more. 

“Perfect, just perfect!” the photographer said, and Jenna couldn’t agree more. 



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  1. When they arrived in Fiji they were immediately quarantined, due to Covid restrictions. 14 days later they were finally allowed to emerge from their hotel room, just in time to catch their plane for home.


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