Duck Soup!

Here is a link to Part 1 of this continuing story that takes you back to Fairyland. Saving Jarrett! 

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Kendra peeked from around the tree, making sure that the coast was clear. She didn’t have much time to waste, she had seen the pink squirrel scamper away. She knew that she was running to Felicity to let her know that her next victim had succumbed to her spell. 

Felicity had been so mad when Fairlight and the “nameless men” had helped rescue Kendra and some of the other fairies from fairyland. Felicity was left with just a few dark fairies and she wasn’t happy. She needed to increase her numbers, so she had concocted another plan. One of the pink squirrels had relayed Felicity’s plan to Kendra. She was an undercover squirrel trying to help Kendra save the forest from being dominated by the dark fairies! 

Felicity had decided that perhaps she should find someone to be Prince of the Fairies first and then maybe he could attract a Princess. She had her eyes set on Jarrett. 

Kendra whistled to send out the signal to her heroes, the “nameless men”, to come help her.  She knew she couldn’t save Jarrett by herself, she needed their help. She was ever so grateful to her heroes for reuniting her with her grandma, that she dedicated her time to rescuing others who had succumbed to Felicity’s spell. Kendra was determined to help stop the dark fairies from growing in numbers, for if they did, it could be very dangerous. 

It was a dangerous undertaking for her and the “nameless men”, they knew Felicity’s power. Sadly one of her heroes had become a victim of Felicity’s spells. That fateful night of her rescue, they had all seen the one “nameless man” be turned into a duck. They heard his mournful quacks as they flew away on Cupcake the unicorn. 

Kendra hoped that perhaps this time they would be able to rescue him too, but first they had to concentrate on getting Jarrett out of harm’s way. 

Good! She saw the “nameless men” running towards her. They had been close by waiting for her signal. Quickly they picked up Jarrett and started carrying him away. 

“Quick! Get him out of here. Felicity will soon be here with her pink flying squirrels.”

The men gave her a quizzical look. “Pink flying squirrels? Are you sure you didn’t drink too much of your Grandma’s sweet coffee, that perhaps she didn’t add something to it? ” 

Kendra laughed, “No, this has nothing to do with my Grandma’s coffee. Felicity has put some of the squirrels in the forest under her spell. She is trying to take over the whole forest. Making them pink is a way that she can tell which squirrels she hasn’t captured yet. Many of the squirrels come willingly to see her, when they see how the pink squirrels can fly. Who doesn’t want to fly?” 

Hearing cackling in the air, they turned and saw pink squirrels coming toward them with Felicity close behind. The 3 “nameless men” ran like they had never run before, with adrenaline pumping through them! 

QUACK!! They turned and saw one of the ducks attacking Felicity. Kendra’s eyes grew big, could that be the friend of the other “nameless men”? They all paused, but just for a moment, they knew they didn’t have time to waste! 

At last they collapsed, dropping poor Jarrett, for the “nameless men” were exhausted. They had made it, they had made it out of Fairy land. 

Jarrett was moaning, and starting to stir. 

“What, what am I doing here? Who are you guys?” 

Kendra tried to explain the best she could, but the poor guy looked so confused! 

“I remember seeing a beautiful waterfall and purple butterflies, but nothing after that. Now you are telling me I was in fairyland controlled by a dark fairy, who wanted me to be the Prince and that she has pink flying squirrels?” 

One of the “nameless men” spoke up, “Yes! That sums it up pretty well. Good job.” 

Jarrett shook his head as he stood up. “Th-Thank you, but I need to get out of here and I do believe I am never drinking again! Pink flying squirrels? Wait, does this dark fairy happen to have a purple inchworm that wears a hat? That image is coming to my mind.” 

Kendra shook her head, “Yes, that would be Penelope.” 

“Oh I do need to get home and get some of the strongest coffee that I have ever had!! Goodbye everyone!” 

They all watched him walking away, hearing him mutter to himself about fairies, and squirrels and inchworms named Penelope. 

“Ok guys, rest up a little and then we have to go back!” 

The guys looked at her like she was crazy! 


“We have to try to rescue your friend.” 

They all agreed that yes, they had to try, for once again he had distracted Felicity so that they could get away. Plus they missed their friend. Once they felt rested, they got back up and headed back to Fairyland. 

It was late that night when they were all gathered at Kendra’s grandma’s house enjoying some of her specialty coffee. Well not quite all of them were enjoying the coffee, ducks didn’t drink coffee. They had managed to save their friend, but …. all the attempts to dispel Felicity’s magic spell had failed.

He was still a quacking duck. They were sure it was him though, for he was able to talk. That is how they had located him out of all the other ducks. They heard him yelling, when he saw them. He could speak, but after every few words, he would let out a “Quack!” 

Kendra promised that she would talk to the pink flying squirrel and try to figure out the antidote for Felicity’s duck spell, but they assured him that it could be worse. 

One of the nameless men spoke up, ” We all thought you were a goner, when you fell off the log, and we all saw the dog!” 

A dog had come running out of nowhere and their friend had just missed getting his feathers caught in the dog’s jaws. 

It had been a very scary moment, but they could all laugh about it now. 

“You were so close to becoming Duck Soup!” the one guy said, and they all laughed. Well almost all of them, the other one went “QUACK!” 



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