Saving Jarrett!

painting by Philip Straub

Jarrett was walking through the woods and saw the brightly colored mushrooms, and the purple inchworm. Was that a hat that the inchworm was wearing? Jarrett shook his head, to try and clear his brain, something was obviously not right. Since when did inchworms wear hats? Was he going the right direction?

Perhaps he just hadn’t walked far enough yet. What time was it? He pulled out his phone and it was blank. Oh great, the battery must have died! How long had he been walking? He didn’t think it had been that long and he knew when he started that his phone was still pretty close to being fully charged. Shoving the dead phone back in his pocket he kept walking.

After a little time had passed he stopped again, looking around for a log to sit on. He felt a little dizzy. What was going on? He didn’t see any log so he plopped himself down on the ground, resting up against a tree.

Jarrett thought about how this day had gone so far. He had found a new path in the woods and was surprised what he found when he followed it. There was a beautiful waterfall with purple butterflies flying around it. He sat on a rock and just breathed in the peace. He had dozed off a little in the bright sunshine and then got up to continue his walk.

He was needing to get home now but which way did he go to leave the wood. Jarrett was feeling disoriented and his eyes started growing heavy. The last thing he remembered before falling asleep, was seeing a pink bushy tailed squirrel scamper up a Pine tree.

She looked at Jarrett slumped over by the tree and she slyly smiled. It looked like her plan was working well, quite well indeed. You could hear her chilling laugh as she walked away.

Being so caught up in the glee of her plan working she did not notice what was hiding a few feet away, behind the big Oak tree.

(to be continued…)

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