When a Secret Unravels!

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“Mama! Mama! What is wrong?” little Sally asked, wondering why her Mommy had got so very quiet.

Isabelle was quiet, she couldn’t answer her at first. The day had been going so well, oh what was she going to do. She knew they would find out sooner or later, but did it have to happen now?

“Mommy, are you okay?” little Sally asked with worried eyes.

Isabelle reached out and patted her on the head. “I will be okay darling, don’t worry, you can go play. Mommy just needs a little time alone right now.”

Sally wasn’t sure at first, as she looked at her Mama.

Isabelle smiled and squeezed her hand. i will make your favorite dessert, okay? Go play for just a little, please.

Sally got a big grin at the thought of her favorite dessert! Shoo-fly pie was such a yummy treat! She kissed her Mama’s cheek and ran off to play.

Isabelle watched her run and her heart smiled, oh how she loved her little girl.

She drew in a deep breath. Oh tomorrow would surely be an interesting day! She looked again at the letter that Henry had silently handed to her, with a flushed face.

Henry’s parents were coming for a visit and Henry did want to see his parents, there was just one very big problem! His parents didn’t know about Isabelle. They thought Henry was still with Catherine, his childhood sweetheart.

They had adored Catherine. They had planned for him to marry Catherine ever since him and Catherine had been little. Catherine and Henry went along with it, but it didn’t take long for them to see that it just wasn’t going to work. They were friends, not lovers. Once they had crossed the Atlantic and were away from their controlling parents they decided to separate. Henry felt relieved, and Catherine decided to travel the world, be foot loose and fancy free.

They had both agreed that they would wait to tell their parents, there was no hurry, their parents were across the Atlantic.

Henry met Isabelle a few months later and he fell in love with her and her little girl. Isabelle felt that Henry was a dream come true. They had made a wonderful life together.

Who would have thought that Henry’s parents would decide to make a trip so soon to visit Henry and Catherine! To make things even worse, Catherine’s parents were coming with them!

Isabelle sighed, she better make a couple Shoo-fly pies, for she had a feeling that Henry and her were going to be eating a lot of humble pie tomorrow!

115 thoughts on “When a Secret Unravels!

  1. This could be a funny or tragic tale. Or a tragi-comedy. Or a dramedy. I can foresee many sequels to it, just like a TV series. I’d love to see an illustration of their surprised faces when Isabelle serves up the shoo-fly pie and they end up being swarmed by the winged pests. Or do you pull the wings off before baking?

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