The Magic of Music

painting from Pinterest

Larissa’s fingers would get tired at times, but she continued to play her music. She enjoyed weaving magic with her harp, for the guests. She had been playing for the past 6 months at the “Gardenia Palace”, a 5 star hotel. She would sit in the lobby, near its fountain,  playing at different times throughout the day. The hotel manager had seen an increase in guests, since Larissa started playing, and he couldn’t be more pleased. She played in the hotel’s restaurant during the evening meal as well. 

Getting paid for something she loved to do made Larissa feel very blessed. She found it very satisfying and hoped that she could keep this job for a long time. 

One Saturday morning it was raining hard when she came to work. She felt like a drowned rat. This weather was for ducks! Usually she stopped and fed the ducks in the lake by the hotel, but not today!

After going to the ladies room to try to freshen up and make herself look presentable, she got her harp from the room that it was kept in. Walking out into the lobby, she sat down and started to play. 

Larissa was playing one of her favorite songs when a man with curly blonde hair walked in. He looked like he had walked a mile in the downpour as puddles were forming at his feet, but he was in no hurry to go to the front desk. He stood in the lobby watching Larissa play. 

Feeling his steady gaze upon her Larissa began to feel a little nervous. She made eye contact with him, and he flashed a bright smile. Quickly she looked away. She continued playing as he continued to stare. She stole another glance and noticed that his eyes were a cobalt blue color. This time she didn’t look away as fast and again he smiled. Larissa felt some warmth growing inside of her. She told herself this was crazy, she didn’t get flustered this easily around men, what was going on? 

After finishing her song, she decided to take a break. She needed to get control of herself. She saw the guy start heading towards her when she stopped playing, so she made a quick beeline for the ladies room. Looking back she saw him head to the front desk. Good, she thought, he will be gone when I come back. 

Larissa breathed a sigh of relief when she came back to the lobby and there was no sign of him. She guessed that he finally decided to get out of his wet clothes. 

Marcus was in his room, he had changed out of his wet clothes and he couldn’t stop thinking about the lady with the harp. She played such beautiful music. He would have to try to find a way to talk to her sometime this week. He had come here for a much needed relaxing getaway, and he was smiling at how it was starting out. 

Later that evening he went to supper at the hotel’s restaurant. He was very happy to see that the lovely lady with the golden touch was playing her harp again. 

Her music lifted his heart as he ate, and he felt the stress from the past weeks start to melt away. 

Larissa noticed him, she couldn’t help it. She felt his stare again, and when she looked his cobalt eyes were smiling at her. When she was finished she started to walk away, when she saw him motioning her to come over to him. He had sat there for over 2 hours listening to her, she figured the least she could do was go and meet him. She couldn’t deny that she was a little intrigued with the mysterious man. 

Before Larissa knew what was happening she found herself sitting down at his table and they talked over coffee and banana cream pie. She found herself smiling and the warm sensation tingling in her heart, as they continued chatting. 

When the restaurant started closing they said goodnight and parted ways, but not without making plans to meet for breakfast. Tomorrow just happened to be Larissa’s day off. 

Marcus went to bed that night with a smile in his heart and slept better than he had in weeks! 

Larissa tossed and turned as she couldn’t get the man with cobalt blue eyes out of her mind. She wondered what tomorrow would bring.  She was anxious and nervous, feeling like she had just taken the first step into what she hoped to be an exciting adventure! 



67 thoughts on “The Magic of Music

  1. Marcus felt a smug satisfaction, having landed a breakfast date with Larissa so easily. She fell for all of his smooth lines, and was about as gullible as they get. The next morning they met for breakfast, and Marcus successfully turned on all his charms while Larissa became more a more deeply entranced, with her big wide eyes.

    Then, just when it seemed Larissa would do anything Marcus suggested, he picked his valise up from the floor and whipped out some life insurance forms. Within minutes she was signing away and writing a check. He walked away from that breakfast feeling very satisfied. Yes, the salesman of the year had one more sale under his belt, and was that much closer to earning another quarterly bonus.

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