The Special Announcement

Cottontail Rabbit
Thanks to Jason and to the rabbit that posed so well for him.

Taffy was excited, but nervous as well. Today was the day. Could be the most important day ever! Today was the day that Taffy would find out if he got promoted to the highly esteemed title. A title that all his fellow rabbits longed for, but that only one special rabbit would get!

Chewing on his last bit of salad nervously he tried to steady the thumping of his heart. Soon all the rabbits of the forest would gather under the large shady Maple tree. That was the home of Barnaby the wise old owl and it was where he would make his special announcement from.

“Hey Taffy! Are you ready?” called out Butterscotch, as she came hopping towards him. Her eyes were bright and dancing. She was sure that Taffy would be chosen. She really hoped so, for she was really sweet on him.

“Hi Butterscotch!” Taffy’s heart glowed. He really liked Butterscotch and if all went well today, he was going to tell her. She looked so cute with her cottontail bobbing as she hopped towards him.

Taffy was thinking as he watched her coming, maybe he would just tell her now. Why should he wait?

Butterscotch bounded up right in front of him, their noses almost touching. “Are you nervous?” she asked.

Taffy’s nose was twitching as he hopped from one foot to another. “…no.. what would give you that idea?”

Butterscotch laughed. “Oh Taffy, stop worrying, I think you will definitely be picked. Barnaby is a very wise owl so why wouldn’t he pick you? You have waited a long time, its your chance!

“I… I … would like to ask…” Taffy started to say, and then Toffee, his pesky sister bounded up to him.

“Hey brother, are you all ready? I would hate to see you disappointed, so I should tell you now that Barnaby is of course going to pick me! Sorry dear brother.”

Butterscotch rolled her eyes and turned towards Toffee. “You think you are so smart, but you may be wrong about Barnaby. Taffy is really sweet and deserves to be picked.” Toffee hopped away in a huff.

Butterscotch smiled and turned towards Taffy again. “So what were you going to ask me?” she asked looking at him in expectation, with her caramel brown eyes.

Taffy took a deep breath. “Well we have known each other for quite awhile now and…”

Marvin the Monkey let out a loud shrill. It was the call for everyone to pay attention. Barnaby was sitting on the branch and ready to make his announcement.

Butterscotch moved closer to Taffy, she was nervous for him. They both watched Barnaby, listening intently to his words. The forest was silent and they all waited. Barnaby was a wise owl, but old, and slow of speech. They all had to be patient with him.

Ooh it felt like it was taking him forever to get to the point. He was thanking everyone and telling them all how he wishes there could be more than just one rabbit chosen for this special honor.

Taffy’s mouth felt dry, as he waited. Every year he wanted his name to be the one called. He pinched his eyes shut, oh please let it be this year!

“And now I would like to offer my sincere congratulations to one of the kindest rabbits I know, Taffy Cottontail!”

THUMP! Taffy fell backwards. Butterscotch shouted at him.

“Taffy, don’t faint! Wake up! You made it! You are this year’s Easter Bunny!”

Butterscotch’s face was foggy at first but it slowly became more clear as Taffy opened his eyes feeling dazed, looking up at her.

“I am the the Easter Bunny, really?”

“Yes! Really!” Butterscotch said, and she bent down to nuzzle his nose and give him a kiss.

A warm flush went the whole way through Taffy’s body as his heart was jumping with joy! He was sure that today he was the Happiest rabbit in the entire forest!

70 thoughts on “The Special Announcement

  1. This is a nice story with a hoppy ending. However I am wondering how Taffy can see Butterscotch’s tail bobbing as she comes hopping toward him. It’s either a very large tail, or she wears a mirror on her ass.

    I’m looking forward to getting lots of eggs from the Easter Bunny next year. Or at least some taffy.

    Liked by 2 people

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