By the Riverside

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They were known as the Hallaway sisters. They had a triple wedding , marrying the Bellagini brothers. The wedding had been the talk of the town. The Bellagini brothers had been the most eligible bachelors, their charm delighted so many ladies, but they only had eyes for the 3 lucky sisters.

After the wedding they had moved to the countryside, leading a life of simple pleasures. Taking long walks through the meadows of bluebells. Having picnics by the creek, and lying in the grass under the starry night sky.

No one knew for certain what had happened, but the news spread quickly through the town. Everyone had their own suspicions as to why the Bellagini brothers had disappeared.

It was their first year anniversary. The sisters had been dressed in their wedding dresses once more to celebrate the special occasion. They had fixed a gourmet meal and had the candles lit, but the food got cold as they waited for husbands that never came home.

No trace of them have ever been found. Did they drown in the river while fishing? Their broad rimmed hats were found on the riverbank. No one had seen them, no houses were around the river, just a farmer’s field where cows grazed.

Jake, the grocery clerk from town said that when he went out to the river the night after they disappeared, that he  saw a chicken by the river’s edge, sitting by a man fishing in the dark. Jake said he called out to the man, but the mysterious man never replied.

Others had reported seeing the man with the chicken late at night as well, in the following days after the brothers had disappeared.

Eventually the sisters went on with their lives, and got remarried, but they never forgot their first loves. Whatever happened at the river that night long ago seemed destined to remain a mystery, where the only witnesses were the stars in the sky. The stars in the sky,  and perhaps a man and his chicken.


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! Summer days are passing quickly. Ready for a break in the hot,  humid weather, but not ready for it to start getting dark earlier again. I would never make it in Alaska. It wouldn’t just be the cold that bothered me but the long stretches of darkness that they have. I want my sunlight!

What is your favorite season? Summer is my favorite, for the beach calls my name! Its voice is slowly getting louder and closer.

Enjoy the quotes and have a good day thinking about whatever makes you happy!


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North Pole Mishaps

This had been such a long week, thought Snowball. It was his turn to be muck out the reindeer’s stall for the week. He had a feeling this would be his job for Candy Cane had a big smirk on her face when she handed him his paper saying what his job duty was for the week. Come to think of it she had a smirk when she handed Alabaster and Jinx their jobs as well. He thought Santa picked the jobs, but was beginning to get suspicious.

He stood in the doorway of the stable, holding his big shovel. He could do this, it was his last day. Taking a deep breath, he started. After a little bit, he heard someone call his name. Startled, he spun around, but a little too fast. He lost his balance, and fell into the small pile beside him. Looking up he saw Candy Cane standing over him laughing.

“What did you want?” Snowball asked, with a red face.

“I was just saying HI!” Candy Cane replied, “Have fun!” Snowball heard her laughter as she walked away.

Alabaster was finished for the day and he sure was glad about it. Trash collection at the North Pole wasn’t an appealing job at all. There was tons of trash to collect and as luck would have it, the garbage truck broke down on him! He had loaded the full can on the thing that automatically dumps it into the garbage truck. Standing there waiting and then with no warning the the thing broke and it dumped the contents of the can all over him! He could not not get home fast enough to take a shower!

Jinx was counting down the hours, he couldn’t believe that he had been stuck with this job for the week. Counting feathers, really? Santa had come up with a new Chicken toy and he wanted to make sure that each one had the same amount of feathers on it. There were 100 chicken toys! Jinx’s eyes were going bug eyed and he was tired of seeing chicken feathers in his dreams each night.

Later that evening the friends met up at the coffee shop. Jangle and Tink were there running the stand. Tink was full of energy and talking a mile a minute, for he had accidentally put 3 shots of expresso in his coffee! He was quick, but unfortunately kept spilling the coffee.

Alabaster, Snowball and Jinx were feeling tired, but enjoying a good chat. Most of all just enjoying sipping some good coffee, and not being surrounded by reindeer poop, garbage or feathers.

“Ho Ho Ho! How are you guys?” asked Santa while walking over to them.

“Worn out!” they said in unison.

“Hey Santa, do you assign the jobs for the elves?”  Snowball asked.

“Usually I do, but this past weekend Candy Cane asked if she could, so I figured I would let her. Why? What jobs did you guys get?”

Santa laughed and laughed when they told him about their jobs. “Oh she pulled one over on you guys! I had told her that she could skip giving someone the reindeer mucking job this week. She also knew that the garbage truck needed repaired, it had done the same thing to the garbage collector the other week.”

Then he looked at Jinx, “You actually counted the feathers by hand? We have an electronic counter for that, didn’t Candy Cane tell you?” Laughing he shook his head, as he walked away, leaving Alabaster, Jinx and Snowball speechless.







Daring to Fly

2014-ford-escape-blue photo from Pinterest

Totally lovely! She had made it to the perfect spot. She couldn’t wait for this day and it was finally here.  She would finally follow in her Great- Great Grandfather’s footsteps.

Growing up she had heard the many stories  of his heroic adventures. When the lights would go out she would dream of going on adventures someday and making a name for herself, just like her Grandfather. Her Grandfather had surprised everyone when he started flying instead of sinking!

He had become famous!

Well was she going to sit here all day and just stare at the water or was she going to get up her courage and go in! She could do this. This was her chance.

People from a distance away were beginning to look at her. She knew they were wondering what she was doing on the beach. They were looking for the driver. Some were walking closer trying to peer in. She was glad she had their attention , for people needed to see her when attempting something courageous. If no one saw her great feat, how would she be famous. Who would write and sing about her?

Yes, she had their full attention, a small group had gathered now. They all had come out of the water. They wondered how a car without a driver got on the beach. Now was the time to show them that she wasn’t just an ordinary car!

Breathing a small prayer, she took off into the water with her Grandfather’s song going through her head.


So Many Questions! Part 2

Here is a link to Part 1,

Tristan was at work. It was past time to go home, but this case he had been working on was causing him so many headaches. He finally closed the folder and grabbed his keys. It could wait until another tomorrow. He was anxious to get home and relax. Perhaps he would go for a jog around the lake nearby. Some may not agree, but for him, jogging was relaxing. Especially after a long day of sitting in a chair with his neck bent over papers.

When he got home, he changed clothes, grabbed his water bottle and took off for the lake. The sun was going down, so he didn’t have a lot of time, but a few laps around the lake were enough for him to clear his brain and feel more relaxed.

After his last lap, he hopped into his red jeep, popped in his Pink Floyd CD, and headed home.

Tristan started going through the mail when he got home. He had quickly thrown it on the counter earlier. He caught his breath when he saw another letter with no return address. Was it another letter from her? Would this one answer any questions or just raise some more. Filled with curiosity he sat down, opened it and started to read.

Mr. McFerral:

“I said I would tell you more about me, but where do I begin? Life hasn’t always been easy for me, and I have had many regrets about things I have done. This past year though, has changed me. It has helped opened my eyes and gave me a strength that I didn’t know I had. An inner resolve to get on a better path.

I sound formal with calling you Mr. McFerral, but I do it because I am just not sure where I stand with you anymore. I know I hurt you a lot in the past and I so wish I could turn back time.

I am so very sorry Dad, I want to come back home.  Can I please? I miss you!



Tristan felt his eyes brimming, as the memories rolled down his face. He had given up hope of hearing from her, but not a day had gone by that he hadn’t thought of her. When his wife died, it had hit Shauna so hard and she got so angry. Tristan tried to help her, but he was grieving too and he felt her slipping away. The day he found her note telling him she was leaving was the day he lost another part of his heart.

He had tried to find her. She had contacted him a few brief times letting him know she was safe, but that was it. There was nothing he could do, he only hoped that one day she would find her way back home.

Holding the letter in his hand he walked up the stairs to her bedroom at the end of the hall. It was still pretty much as she had left it. She had grown from a toddler to a teenager in this room. The decor had changed but there was one thing that stayed through the years. One thing that he was surprised she hadn’t taken with her. It was her little stuffed deer laying on her bed. She had carried that thing around with her everywhere and when she grew and started getting rid of her stuffed animals that one was the only one to stay.

He picked it up and only as he sat on her bed, did the thought strike him. Smiling, he shook his head. How did he not pick up on that before?

“Jane Doe” , Jane was the name that Shauna had given her little deer when Tristan had first given it to her.

He walked over to Shauna’s desk and sat down. He had a long overdue letter to write. Fortunately she had included her address at the end of the letter. Now if only he could see to write through the tears.






Tuesday’s Thoughts!

How is your week going so far? Were you able to rest and relax this past week-end? On Saturday our heat wave took a little break and gave us a lovely, cooler day. My husband and I took advantage of it, after he got home from work. I had been cleaning in the basement all morning, so it was a nice break. Why is it that we save so much stuff? I found a magic hat from when my child had loved learning magic tricks. No, sadly a  bunny did not appear! If it had, I may have wished my children were younger again, after going through things from their school days.

We found another new hiking spot and it was a pleasant afternoon. I took this picture thinking that I would wait and see how long it took him to notice that I wasn’t following him and turn around. It didn’t take too long. 🙂  Have a Terrific Tuesday and I hope the quotes below help to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step! wp-1597150977687.jpg


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So Many Questions!

Tristan walked slowly to the house as he flipped through the mail in his hand. Bills, bills, junk mail, and …. a letter? Who was writing him a letter? Letters were something rarely heard of these days. He was trying to remember the last time he had received one. There was no return address, so he really had no clue who it might be from.

He walked inside and laid the mail down on the counter, as he walked into the kitchen to get a cold drink from the fridge.  Picked up the letter again and walked over to the table and sat down. In his profession one couldn’t be too careful about mail. He was a lawyer, and there were a lot of people sitting behind bars, not feeling too happy with him.

Staring at the letter, he looked at his fish tank across the room and remembered he had to feed them. He loved his saltwater tank, with the clown fish and other brightly colored fish swimming around, darting in and out of the little caves that he had. Dodging around the plants.

Still holding the letter in his one hand,  he walked over to the fish tank and shook the food in, watching the fish swim to the top to eat it.

He walked over to his overstuffed chocolate brown couch, sat down, opened the letter and slowly read it.

Mr. McFerral,

“I am sure you are wondering who this letter is from and I will tell you straight up that once you finish this letter you will have even more questions.

I assure you I am not a stalker and I am not trying to blackmail you.

If you think you feel nervous reading this, I feel even more nervous writing it. Many times I started this letter and many times I wadded up the paper and threw it into my wastepaper basket. I lost count as to what number this letter is.

The bottom line is I need your help and that is what gives me the courage to write as butterflies flutter around in my stomach. If you had asked me last year if I would be writing a letter to you I would have said No, but so much can happen in a year. Life is full of the unexpected!

I need to ask you a question and its a question that carries a lot of weight. A question that won’t be asked in this letter. I will be sending my next letter in a few days which will reveal more about me.”


Jane Doe

Tristan stared at the letter in his hand for a few moments before folding it and slowly putting it back into the envelope. He listened to the gurgling of his fish tank and watched the damselfish swim around.  She had a question for him? What kind of question? Who was she? Thoughts swirled in and out of his head, just like the fish darting in and out of the castle that he had recently put in there. What would the next letter say? 4aa4c06f40498313e927996201e6d5bephoto credit Pinterest


More than Meets the Eye

fe55820337f591080b4c65db76eebb4f painting done by Pierra Auguste Renoir


Rupert sure didn’t give up easily, Miranda thought. She felt sorry for him, but she just wasn’t in love with him. He was kind, but he didn’t compare to Phillipe. Her mind was drifting as he droned on, “Blah, blah, blah!”

She couldn’t stop thinking of Phillipe. His handsome face and french accent. He had talked about taking her to Paris, and going up in the Eiffel Tower. Her heart leapt at the thought of strolling the streets of Paris. Seeing the sights, finding a cafe and indulging in a French baguette and some eclairs. Sipping on a Cafe Parisian drink, she had always wanted to try one.

She could see the Arch of Triumph and visit the Louvre! Miranda loved museums and art galleries and its been a dream of hers for a long time to see the Louvre. She thought it would always remain just a dream, and then she met Phillipe.  The suave French guy who had swept her off her feet with his charm.

“Blah,blah,blah!” What was Rupert talking about now? She was catching bits and pieces but wasn’t sure about what pieces she should actually pay attention too.

Looking down at her watch she was surprised by the time. She was supposed to meet Phillipe very soon, she had to go.

She interrupted Rupert in mid sentence , “Rupert dear, I am sorry, but I am afraid you will have to excuse me. Wait? What is that sound? Oh Rupert, look, I do believe you left the hose running!”

He jumped up from his chair, and Miranda said goodbye, as she made a hasty exit when he was distracted.

Miranda touched up her hair and smoothed her dress, while her heart fluttered at the thought of being with Phillipe again.

The doorbell rang. She walked down the stairs with anticipation. Opened the front door and there he stood with a radiant smile holding a box of chocolate strawberries in his hand.

“Oh my favorite! Thank you soo..”

She gasped as she noticed what was behind him, a horse and carriage!

Phillipe took her hand, ” How would you like a ride through the park before dining at the finest restaurant? Only the finest for someone as beautiful as you. I thought we could talk about those plans for Paris as well, how soon would you like to go there?”

“Oh Phillipe, how I do love you!”

It was late when Miranda got home, the clock had almost struck 12. Phillipe joked that he had to get her home before their carriage turned into a pumpkin.

Miranda fell asleep with a full heart, after a delightful evening, with visions of Paris dancing in her head.

Time had flown, it was only 2 days before she was supposed to leave for Paris. Miranda thought she would go for a nice walk in the park, she was supposed to meet Phillipe that night. She was standing at the fountain in the park, when she thought she heard Phillipe’s voice!

Sure enough, he was sitting on a bench not too far away. who was that strawberry blonde haired lady sitting with him?

Miranda’s heart started beating fast, maybe it was just a cousin, or his sister. Had he ever mentioned a sister to her?

He put her arm around her and drew her close. Miranda couldn’t shut out the words she heard him saying to the lady. The same sweet romantic words that he had spoken to her. When she saw them start to kiss, the waterworks started and she knew she had to get out of there. Turning around she started running, with hot tears blinding her. She ran straight into someone.

Her cheeks flushed as she apologized, while still looking down at the ground.

“Miranda, what is wrong?”

“Rupert??” she wiped her eyes and looked up at him. She saw tenderness in his eyes as he looked at her.

“Oh Rupert, I have been such a fool!”,  she fell against him sobbing.

He wrapped his arms around her and rubbed her back, letting her cry.

Miranda felt a warmth in her heart at Rupert’s soothing words and gentle touch. Who needed Paris? A heart that cares is far more priceless!