Truth Revealed

Here is a link to Part 3 The Rescue? Hope you enjoy the conclusion!


After pondering the situation for a few weeks and working her magic to find out the true story behind Princes Iridessa, Fairlight knew what she had to do. She had decided that tonight would be the night she put her plan into action. She really hoped it would work, for if not, well, she wouldn’t let herself think about what could happen.

The “nameless guys” were sitting at the coffee shop drinking very bitter black coffee. They thought it would help them think better. They needed all the help they could get, for they were supposed to attempt their secret mission tonight. Once again to try and rescue Princes Iridessa from the fairies.

“I sure don’t want to get attacked by those ducks again!” said the one guy.

The others silently nodded in agreement.

“Fairlight said she would make sure the ducks were taken care of. We should have nothing to worry about.”

“Are you sure we can trust her? What if she is just leading us into a trap?”

No comment was made as they all drank their coffee while deep in thought.

Fairlight had made sure to volunteer for night shift in guarding Princess Iridessa tonight. It was  pretty easy to do, for not too many fairies enjoyed the task of staying up all night.

Her stomach was churning as she waited for the other fairies to bid everyone goodnight and return to their fairy houses for the night.


She wanted to explain everything to Princess Iridessa but she thought it would be better to wait to do that. She was still under the powerful spell that Felicity had put on her. Fairlight really hoped the antidote she had made for the spell would work. She had just finished making Princess Iridessa her favorite cup of  Salted Caramel, banana coffee. Mixing into it the flavorless antidote potion. She brought it to her with a piece of lemon raspberry cake for her bedtime treat.

“This is so moist and delicious, thank you so much, Fairlight.”

“You are most welcome, dear Princess.”  Fairlight started to get choked up as she watched her drink her coffee. She would really miss the Princess, but she knew she was doing the right thing. Tonight she hoped to make some people very happy, well as long as the “nameless men” didn’t screw up anything. She shook her head, laughing to herself.

Fairlight had checked into their background and she knew she shouldn’t have listened to Felicity. She was controlling all the fairies with her story about them. They weren’t bad! A little cuckoo at times perhaps,  but they were nice guys, as far as what she could find out about them. They had good hearts. They were trying to rescue the fairies one by one, for they knew about Felicity. They knew she wasn’t the good, sweet fairy that she pretended to be. She was dark. She hadn’t just had Princes Iridessa kidnapped, she had kidnapped a lot of them, and stolen their memories.

Fairlight was planning to escape tonight too. She had made some of the antidote potion for herself to see if Felicity had put a magical spell on her. She was shocked by the memories that came back to her. Tonight after Princess Iridessa was safely handed over to the “nameless men”, she would fly away on Cupcake her Unicorn, back to where she had come from.

Princess Iridessa had fallen asleep. Fairlight had mixed some sleeping potion in as well, would make it easier. When Princess Iridessa woke up, she should have her memories back. Fairlight’s heart started beating fast as she kept her ears alert to hear the signal that the “nameless men” would send once they got to the bridge. Fairlight would meet them there.


She heard it. The call of the Cuckoo bird. She was quite impressed with how well they imitated the Cuckoo bird’s call. They must be very familiar with it.

She laid Princess Iridessa on top of Cupcake and then got on to hold onto her while they flew to the bridge. Landing on the bridge, the “nameless men” took Princess Iridessa off of Cupcake and 2 of them held her between them.

“Thank you Fairlight for helping, you are a good fairy! We wish you the best as you fly back to your home. Safe travels!”

“Take care of her please!” Fairlight said with a tear in her eye. Then she jumped onto Cupcake and flew away without looking back.

The “nameless men” started walking away.

“Ribbit Ribbit!” The one man jumped at the frog that crossed his path. The others laughed. “Its just a little frog.” The guy made a face and they walked on.

They made it the rest of the way without incident.  When they got out of the forest, they all breathed a sigh of relief!

“There she is, waiting for us.”

Kendra’s Grandma was standing  there with tears streaming down her cheeks as she watched the men bring her granddaughter over to her.

“I don’t know how to thank you for returning her to me! A part of my heart died when she disappeared. She is the only family I have left, we just have each other. You are my heroes!”

The “nameless guys” blushed at the praise as they all told her that it was their pleasure.

“How long will it take for the potion to wear off?” her Grandmother asked.

“Fairilight said that when she awakens in the morning in her own bed, all her memories should have returned.”

Her Grandmother smiled and they all helped her get Kendra back to the Grandmother’s house.

“Please let me make you some of my sweet coffee for you before you all leave.” Grandmother said.

Hmmm… sweet coffee? That would be something new for them, perhaps they should give it a try, they thought.

After getting Kendra settled in her bed, it only took her Grandmother a few minutes to whip up the coffee.

They all tasted it and their taste buds tingled with delight! Their smiles grew big. Oh what they had been missing drinking their bitter coffee.

“What all is in this coffee?’ they asked.

“Its my salted caramel, strawberry, marshmallow coffee”, made specially just for all of you, my heroes!”

“May we have a second cup please?”

Grandmother smiled, as she fixed them all some more. The clock struck midnight, one more fairy had been rescued and all was well!









27 thoughts on “Truth Revealed

    • Remember these are “dark fairies” they are opposite the sweet, kind fairies so they do the opposite. Which means they sleep at night. But Fairlight had drank the potion and broke the dark spell so she was able to stay awake at night. 🙂

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  1. I guess I’m not in this story, since me drinking coffee would be very out of character. That means I’m not cuckoo, also. But you did steal my unicorn named Cupcake, and I think I should be paid a fee for that. Unicorn rent is very expensive. I’m glad Kendra was returned home, but I feel sorry for her, due to all that poison her grandma will be preparing for her to drink every day.

    Liked by 2 people

    • It was out of character for the “nameless men” to drink sweet coffee BUT it was something new! Plus if you weren’t in the story, well then I guess you can’t be a hero. 😊
      Oh, and Ummm….I wasn’t aware of a rental fee for Cupcake. That is a sweet name, eh!

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  2. This story lost all credibility when the nameless guys drank the candy coffee at the end. Up until then, it was a true heroic epic.

    I knew Kendra’s dear old grandmother was missing her. I am happy to see them reunited.

    What about all the other brainwashed fairies? Who will rescue them?

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