10 ways to …

aspen-glow1 (pinterest) painting by Albin Veselka


Gina was in a hurry. She had spent too much time daydreaming at the lake and now she was going to have to really hurry. She had picked blackberries to make a blackberry pie for her Professor. She was taking a creative writing class and really enjoying it.  Writing had been something she had always enjoyed and staring at the Professor with his coal black hair and green eyes was an added bonus. The class was tonight, so she didn’t have a whole lot of time to get the pie baked.

Being naturally shy, it took some courage for Gina to bake her Professor some sweet things, but she had heard that food was a way to a man’s heart. She was determined to try her best. Overhearing him talking about blackberry pie being his favorite she had decided that would be his treat for this week. A teacher like him definitely deserved more than just apples! Last week she had baked him a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. He was very appreciative, and his grateful smile was so dreamy.  She quickened her pace and smiled the rest of the way home.

The sweet aroma of the freshly baked pie filled the kitchen. She had finished it with a little time to spare. Having the extra time Gina decided to put on her heart shaped gold earrings and the heart locket to match. Sprayed on some “Sweet Temptation” perfume, a little fuschia lipstick and she was ready to go.

Her fluffy white cat Muffin rubbed itself against her leg, as it purred. Gina bent down to pick her up. “Sorry, that I have to go, but I have an extra special treat for you.” Gina opened a can of sardines and put it in Muffin’s dish. Muffin immediately began eating, not giving her a second look as she walked out the door.

Pulling into the parking lot early she was surprised to see some other cars there already. She had been hoping to be the first to arrive. Walking down the hallway she heard talking coming from the classroom. It sounded like Cynthia, the short, older,  blonde haired lady in her class. As she got closer she heard her laughing and then. No…she couldn’t have heard that! What was the Professor saying to Cynthia?

Gina’s heart started racing and she was beginning to find it hard to breathe. She was at the classroom door, it had been left standing partially open. Pressing herself up against the wall she turned her head and peeked inside. Her heart fell! They were k-k-kiss-kissing!

Dropping the blackberry pie Gina ran down the hallway breaking the heel off her right shoe. Why did she wear those stupid heels anyway! She took off her other shoe and ran to her azure blue car. Hopping inside, she closed the door as the tears ran.

Blaring the music from the radio, she sped home. Opened the front door and threw the keys on the counter with such force that she startled Muffin, who had been lying on the counter. Muffin jumped down and disappeared in a flash.

Gina changed out of her nice outfit, and took off her necklace and earrings. She pulled on her comfy sweats and a baggy t-shirt. Pouring herself a glass of Blueberry wine, she sat at the typewriter. The title of her story would be “10 ways to get Revenge!” her lips curled into a sinister smile, as she started to type.







22 thoughts on “10 ways to …

  1. Wow, she is a mean one. Plotting revenge. Was the professor in some sort of committed relationship with her? Or maybe she is plotting revenge on Cynthia.

    He was just going to end up getting too fat eating all of those desserts she was making anyway.

    I wonder who will help her plot her revenge. A stranger of some sort that she meets down by the lake who is good at giving mischievous advice.

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  2. At least she has an azure blue car. With a car like that, what more do you need?

    Creative writing teachers are all a bunch of duds, anyway. If she manages to land this fish, her life will seem like an endless chain of hackneyed phrases and predictable plots. The end will be anticlimactic. She’s better off without him.

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  3. Gina is an idiot . . . fawning over a man, baking for a man, dressing up for a man . . . only to find out that the man is “oblivious” to her.

    She needs to change the story to “10 Ways to Be My Own Person.” 😀

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    • Haha!! Great point! Yes, the trouble women go too, can be crazy at times! I still remember what I did wayyyy back when I was young. It was stupid, but you know, your brain stops thinking sometimes when you feel in love! 🙂

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