Daring to Fly

2014-ford-escape-blue photo from Pinterest

Totally lovely! She had made it to the perfect spot. She couldn’t wait for this day and it was finally here.  She would finally follow in her Great- Great Grandfather’s footsteps.

Growing up she had heard the many stories  of his heroic adventures. When the lights would go out she would dream of going on adventures someday and making a name for herself, just like her Grandfather. Her Grandfather had surprised everyone when he started flying instead of sinking!

He had become famous!

Well was she going to sit here all day and just stare at the water or was she going to get up her courage and go in! She could do this. This was her chance.

People from a distance away were beginning to look at her. She knew they were wondering what she was doing on the beach. They were looking for the driver. Some were walking closer trying to peer in. She was glad she had their attention , for people needed to see her when attempting something courageous. If no one saw her great feat, how would she be famous. Who would write and sing about her?

Yes, she had their full attention, a small group had gathered now. They all had come out of the water. They wondered how a car without a driver got on the beach. Now was the time to show them that she wasn’t just an ordinary car!

Breathing a small prayer, she took off into the water with her Grandfather’s song going through her head.


79 thoughts on “Daring to Fly

  1. Laughing at that first comment! When I reached driving age and got my license, I really wanted a Lamborghini… or at least a Corvette like my older sister. Ended up with the family Pinto station wagon. Didn’t fly. Didn’t even start all of the time. 😉

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