Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Don’t let Eeyore’s cloud hang over your head … Catch Pooh Bear’s simple joy in the moment, as he indulges in honey … Empty jar? No problem … Just grab a balloon and find some bees! 

Two roads … one full of holes …. one is fine … which one gets paved? The logic escapes me as I watch out our window! 

Put your brain to work … write a scary 6 word story in the comments below. 


74 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

    • YES! So true! Brad and I are shaking our heads. This is the 3rd or 4th time now that our road has been paved! Yet, 5 minutes away from us the roads with holes that have been there forever remain!


      • I think we all have a basis for being concerned. Not only is he a complete idiot, but his advisors would seem to be little more than “yes men”.
        In summary, one of the most powerful countries on our planet has a total jackass at the helm, with a bunch of gutless wonders as his crew.

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        • And a Senate lead by a party frozen with fear of losing power and of turning on Trump. I think the Republican Party may be about to be dealt a near fatal bow. If the Democrats only had someone a bit inspiring.

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          • Agreed. The field is not very inspiring is it. Sounds like your whole system needs an overhaul … like that’s going to happen!!!! 🙂

            Lord Tytler (Scottish historian) theorizes that there are 8 sequential stages of government which, based on history, will repeat about every 200 years.
            Stage 1 – Bondage
            Stage 2 – Spiritual Faith
            Stage 3 – Courage
            Stage 4 – Liberty
            Stage 5 – Abundance
            Stage 6 – Complacency
            Stage 7 – Apathy
            Stage 8 – Dependence
            … and back to Bondage.

            Perhaps the US is at Stage 6?

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              • If you are correct, then a major upheaval can be expected. Perhaps 7 is more likely, based on regular comments around Trump vs Biden .. where neither is particular stimulating! i.e. Voter turnout could be exceedingly low based on a “what’s the point” attitude (= apathy). Perhaps bringing Ms Harris into the foray will arouse some interest????

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                • I hope I’m not right… I really do. Unfortunately, I feel like this time the apathy is borne of dependence, and that low voter turnout may become a reality. I fear BLM has achieved for Biden the same thing the Tea Party did to John McCain’s candidacy, and that Harris may turn out to be Biden’s “Sarah Palin”. Worst case, we could see a next president merely by virtue of an Electoral College that never received a mandate from voters who just throw in the towel. And that, regardless of who “wins”, would definitely qualify as “dependence”.

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                  • You may well be right, although I am surprised that you put Harris and Palin into the same sentence. I have seen interviews with both of them it would seem that Harris does have a functioning brain (not so sure about Palin). Of course how Harris uses her brain is wide open to speculation but there is the possibility that some positive change might happen.

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                    • I was really hopeful about Harris early on. But I heard some terrible interviews back in the primary. An hour-long one on NPR was actually painful, with the (very friendly) interviewer even volunteering answers for her when she clearly didn’t know what he was talking about. Wasn’t especially confidence inspiring. Maybe it was fluke, but I think the party can at times sabotage a candidate?

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                    • I have no doubt that strategy is involved with putting Harris up there supporting Biden. From up here (north of the US border) it would seem that Biden had little to offer accept to oppose Trump. Having an educated black woman on board rather reeks of manipulation to me …. but we shall see in due course. If she is as career driven as would appear, and given Biden’s age, perhaps she has her sights set on the White House?” The first black woman Pres! There are a few States which will not like that!

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  1. 1) “A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.” – Herm Albright. 2) “The laws of logic do not prescribe the way our minds think; they prescribe how our minds ought to think.” – Arthur Stanley Eddington. 3) What if trump wins in November? Thank-you!

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      • She heard it again, and it was getting closer. She started to run towards a house in the distance but, not only did she now hear the mooing really close behind her, but she saw a small creature on the ground about a 100 yards in front of her. Now she was starting to panic. She was gasping for air and her legs were starting to be unstable. The frantic mooing was now right behind her and the ground was shaking. Crazy thoughts were going through her head. “Is this the way I am going out? What did I do?” She was now closer to the creature in front of her such that she could see it clearly …. and she screamed out loud. Standing directly in front of her, with its legs firmly planted on the ground was Charlie chicken, and he was swinging an axe!

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