What Choice Will You Make?

I have listened to Kristina many times and have always appreciated what she has to say. She always has a good message to give. She can be totally hilarious, but these  2 short video links are on the more serious side. They deal with self esteem.  I am pretty sure that all of us at one time or another have had times of feeling pretty low about ourselves. Take a few minutes and give yourself a boost! I hope they leave you smiling!


17 thoughts on “What Choice Will You Make?

  1. The interesting part not covered in the videos (especially the first one) is that while we will generally respond to both positive and (more so) negative comments made by others, our thought processing is impacted by the visual of the person in front of us doing the talking. In fact you can fool said process with “talk-back”/”self-talk”.

    To do that, you simply stand in front of a mirror and talk to yourself, emphasizing all the positives in your life. Your thought process will deal with it in much the same way as if it was another person complimenting you. It’s usually a little awkward at first but, with practise, it can be hugely beneficial for self-esteem issues. Your ultimate goal is to tell “the mirror” that you really love them, and know that you mean it.

    When meeting others, you are likely exposed to more negatives than positives, simply because most people look for fault by default**. Looking for positives is almost an after thought. However, when you are the one doing the talking (to the mirror), you can totally focus on positives. Try it!

    One theory for intuitive negativity is the fact our evolution/progress has removed most of our significance in our own day to day lives. i.e. So much is now out of our control.

    So ….. take somebody who is generally frustrated and feeling unfulfilled in their own life, and lets give them a score of 4 (on a scale of 1-10 where 10 = extremely happy, and 1 = severely depressed). Let us imagine that you rate 6 on the same scale …. and the two of you meet! That other person wants to feel good relative to you, so if they can bring you down to at least a 3, then they will feel proportionately better, and it is much easier to bring somebody down, than it is to elevate oneself. 🙂

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  2. I’ve been pondering and reflecting. I guess the first video is supposed to teach us that when we finally hear a true statement, we should disregard everything else we’ve heard, and treasure that one true statement so much that we carry it around with us.

    The second video teaches us that when we try hard enough to find unpaid employment, we will eventually be successful. Thus, there’s no such thing as a complete failure.

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    • You are sooo right!
      Yes, I am glad too! She really has a big heart for helping others now, she has books out and so many videos. She is so down to earth and real, and that’s what I like.


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