The Animal Challenge

Sandra was sitting at the kitchen table drinking her lemon water. She had just returned from her morning jog  and was enjoying the peace and quiet. Asher would probably be in bed until 10. He always slept in on Saturday morning. Wait! Was that footsteps that she heard coming down the stairs?  Sure enough, her eyes widened, as Asher walked into the kitchen fully dressed and smiling!

“HI Mom!” he said as he opened the refrigerator getting out the orange juice. He poured himself a glass.

“I am heading out to the library. I will probably be there all morning, working on a school project.”

Sandra almost choked on her water. She looked at him in shock. “You are up early on a Saturday to go to the library and work on a school project? Do I need to take your temp, are you sure you aren’t sick? You aren’t acting like my son!

“I am fine Mom, see you later.” Asher said, as he grabbed the bagel from the toaster.

“Hey that was…” Sandra heard the front door close. “my bagel.”  She shook her head as she got another bagel out of the fridge and some blueberry cream cheese to spread on it.

Asher had 4 books spread out in front of him on the table. Surely he would find what he was looking for in one of these books. All of the books were about rare animals. He had to find a really good one! His animal report had to be better than Tiffany’s!

Ahh! He found it! She wouldn’t be able to top this one! Yes, some things were worth getting up early on Saturday mornings for. The sweet satisfaction that would come from knowing he had outsmarted her this time!

The Okapi, from Africa, it was unique for sure! Not quite 5 feet tall and another name for it was the “forest giraffe” or “zebra giraffe”.



91 thoughts on “The Animal Challenge

  1. I think there’s something about the height of this beast that you like, for some reason. And it is kind of unique. It even has one horn, at least from the angle of the photo. It’s sort of like a miniature giraffe/zebra/unicorn.

    But after Asher turned in his report on the Akapi, he discovered that Tiffany wrote a report on a talking cow named Betsy. That’s far more unique. So once again, Tiffany outsmarted Asher.

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  2. Very good JR. I enjoyed this piece and the lead up to this strange and wonderful animal. Maybe the Okapi, and his report is b/c he likes Tiffany? Or maybe she’s just really mean and showy with her school projects. Weird to think there are going to be very reduced classrooms here in September. Some in the classroom activity, but mostly still a lot online.

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      • Yes, here, they will have class sizes significantly smaller. So, instead of 35, 15 kids and they will have on and off days. Some in the classroom, others online on off days in zoom or whatever.
        I’m not sure how’d I’d feel as a mom of a student having kids back in the classroom yet, even with only 15 kids, but I guess they’ve got to start somewhere.
        Take care & I’m reading even if I don’t always comment 🙂


  3. Intriguing start to the story, my friend. I wonder who will crop up in future episodes … perhaps a talking Okapi … one who happens to know something about a treasure trove? And … well, I’ll leave the storyline to you, for it IS, after all, your story, not ours 😉

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  4. Asher and Tiffany. I detect a buddy school-yard romance in their future. They’ll laugh over their strange animal facts, and then Tiffany will kiss poor Asher. Asher won’t know what to do so he’ll slug her in the arm and run-away. Tiffany will pout and cry but eventually they’ll get back together. But Tiffany’s father will get transferred to Kalamazoo. They’ll try to keep touch, but they’re just kids and will eventually move on. Later in life they will some times sit and wonder about what might have been. Until a chance meeting in an airport…..

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