The North Pole Initiation

Snowball walked into the Toy Room and heard Jinx talking. He didn’t see anyone else in the room. He walked over to Jinx to see what he was doing. He started laughing when he realized that Jinx was talking to the Mister Potato Head that he was putting together.

“It can’t hear you.”

Jinx was startled for he hadn’t heard Snowball enter the room.

“What are you talking about?” Jinx said, with a little tinge of red in his cheeks.

“Mister Potato Head. He can’t hear you, his ears don’t work. I heard you talking to him. ” Snowball said with a sly grin.

“I wasn’t …. Oh whatever!” replied Jinx, as he got back to work.

A few minutes passed and Tink walked in the room, muttering to himself and  shaking his head.

“What’s up Tink?”  asked Snowball, “You are looking a little down.”

“I love tinkering with numbers that is why I am an accountant and when the position came up for an accountant for Santa, I thought it sounded like the perfect job, but…”

Jinx paused in working on Mister Potato Head and turned to look at Tink.

“But what? Do you not like it here?”

“Oh No! All the elves are great, especially you guys, Jangle, Snowball and Alabaster. You all are crazy and I have been having a great time. The problem is I have never seen such messed up books in my life! Who kept Santa’s financial records before I came?”

“Well, as far as I know it was Candy Cane who did it before.” said Snowball. “Guess she wasn’t too good with numbers?”

“That would be putting it mildly, my head is throbbing after working all morning.  Santa ordered 100 flibbertigibbets, the new toy that is out now. Do you know how much money they cost? Oh, I had to take a break. I think I should go visit the little Coffee Shop here. Do you guys want to come?”

“Sure. We were just finishing up here. I think Alabaster and Jangle are running the Coffee Shop today, so lets go see them.”

Within minutes they had cleaned up the Toy Room and locked the door when they left.

Tink was shivering as they walked.

“How long did it take all of you to get used to the frigid weather here?” asked Tink.

“Once you go numb, it really doesn’t bother you anymore!” said Snowball.

“That’s so reassuring, thanks!”

“We are always glad to help.” said Jinx. Tink shook his head, rolling his eyes , as they continued to walk.

Soon they arrived and fortunately the line wasn’t too long for them to wait in.

When it was their turn, Tink ordered a large coffee with butterscotch flavored creamer. Jinx ordered a French Vanilla latte and Snowball wanted the Salted Caramel latte.

Jangle was preparing the latte’s while Alabaster got the large coffee for Tink. He made a face about the butterscotch flavored creamer. “I really feel sorry for your tastebuds! Black coffee is sooo much better, than all that sugar! Yuck!”  He continued talking to Tink and the others about the wonders of black coffee, when Jangle called out to him.

“Hey, you forgot too turn off the faucet after getting water for the coffee! So now its been running all this time that you been busy gabbing. We now have a sink of water about to overflow, since someone plugged the sink.

“OOPS! Guess, I better go!” Alabaster said.

Jinx, Snowball and Tink, were laughing as they walked away sipping at their hot drinks.

Tink was talking, not looking where he was going, when his feet slipped and he landed face first in a snow drift. The rest of his coffee splattered over the snow.

He got up brushing himself off. “Well the coffee had been warming me up, but now…”

Jinx and Snowball were laughing. “Congrats! You have now been officially initiated into the North Pole! We all have taken our turn at falling into snowdrifts. Isn’t life fun!”

Tink had to agree,  with life here at the North Pole, you never knew what was going to happen!







76 thoughts on “The North Pole Initiation

  1. At a cost of just 49 cents to make, and a selling price of $19.99, I expect the flibbertigibbets to generate enough profits that we can move the whole Santa operation somewhere warm, no more snow drifts. And as a side note, Tink only drinks decaf. Stats and dollar signs are all he needs to keep him going…

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