Playing Games

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“8,9,10…ready or not here I come!”

Randy started running to find Sherry. She wasn’t going to elude him this time. Every time they played she seemed to find the perfect hiding spot. He would usually get tired, and end up giving up. Not today though! Today was going to be different!

Every bush that he passed, he looked around. He crawled on his knees through a little tunnel, that he had found. He was sure she would be there. Unfortunately he only found mud, and his Mom wasn’t going to be too happy, seeing the stains on his shorts. He did find a striped frog in the tunnel, that was pretty cool.

Oh where could she be? They were allowed to play in the woods, but they couldn’t go too far.

What was that? He thought he saw something move from behind the Hickory tree. He bet it was Sherry, he thought he saw her black shorts. Slowly he walked towards the tree, preparing to scare her.

“Aha!” he yelled!

Oh No! It wasn’t Sherry, it was a skunk! Randy ran away as fast as he could.

He stopped and caught his breath when he got to the little bridge that crossed the stream. He sat down on the bridge and put his head in his hands. Looked like Sherry was going to win again. Girls were just too smart!

The other day, Sherry had tricked him into giving her his last cookie. She had told him that she wanted to count the chocolate chips in it. Slowly she started to count and then she popped it into her mouth with a smirk!

Girls, they are nothing but trouble! Now today he almost got sprayed by a skunk due to looking for her. He should just start for home and see how long she would stay hiding in the woods. That would teach …

Randy turned his head. Was that giggling that he heard? It sounded like it was really close by, but he didn’t see anyone. Sure did sound like Sherry though. He heard it again. It sounded like it was coming from under the bridge!

Randy bent over and looked down, under the bridge. Sherry! There she was squatting down and laughing, looking up at him. No wonder her shorts were a little wet the last time that they had played hide and seek!

He scrambled down from the bridge and into the stream. Sherry was still under the bridge smiling.

“I found you!” Randy yelled with a pleased grin.

“I guess you did.” Sherry replied, with a twinkle in her eye. “Its about time! Salamanders were swimming up against my legs, that’s why I started giggling.”

“Lets see if we can catch some”, said Randy.

He liked that Sherry wasn’t afraid to catch salamanders. She didn’t mind slimy things, like some girls. They had fun trying to catch them, but the salamanders would slip out of their hands too easily.


Randy’s shirt was sprayed with the cold water. Sherry had a mischievous glint in her eye, ready to do it again.

This reminded Randy of when he had been with his older brother and his girlfriend. His older brother wasn’t too happy about him having to tag along, but Mom had insisted. They had gone to a lake and while Randy was having fun splashing around, he saw Tori, his brother’s girlfriend, splash his brother. He figured his brother would splash her back, but …. instead he kissed her! Why would he do that, he thought. Is that what you are supposed to do when a girl splashes you?

Sherry kept splashing as Randy stood there thinking. Well it was worth a try, but he would make it real quick.

SPLASH! He wiped his face off again as Sherry laughed. Then he leaned in and closed his eyes and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

Sherry’s mouth dropped open and SPLASH! She had lost her balance and plopped into the stream!

She sat there with her mouth, open staring at him and Randy stared back.

Sherry blushed, and giggled.

Randy suddenly started feeling shy, so he did the only thing he knew to do.

SPLASH! That got Sherry back on her feet quickly, as water sprayed in Randy’s face.

Randy really didn’t understand what the big deal about kissing was, when one could SPLASH!


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