The Deep Space Rescue

Its always fun when my readers get engaged with one of my stories and their imagination keeps going on what more could happen in the story.  It may also cause one to …”smack their head”… at times, but… that’s a whole other story.

Jason, from  was talking about different scenarios that could happen to Sonya from my story. I challenged him to write an ending, since according to him I had left things hanging and he rose to the challenge. I knew I couldn’t let you guys miss out on reading his story, so be prepared to smile, and laugh at Jason’s wit, as you read the rest of Sonya’s story. You may gasp in the story too, as it can be surprising. I would love to know your thoughts on it. I am sure Jason would too. ENJOY! And thanks Jason for giving an ending to Sonya’s story. 🙂

The Deep Space Rescue

Nick walked into the coffee shop and there she was: Sonya in her sunflower yellow dress sipping a latte. He had made his reports to high command back in the Alpha Centauri system that he planned to drug her coffee drink and bring her back to Alpha Centauri. At last, he could complete this mission and the sooner they were back aboard his space ship heading for home, the sooner he could get the latest software updates for his robot brain.

He walked up to Sonya and caressed her hair and neck as his programming indicated that this would lull her into a false sense of security. He sat down and ordered a butterscotch raspberry salted apricot latte with extra marshmallows, but he had no intention of drinking it of course. He then began to tell Sonya how beautiful her eyes are and how they sparkle in the morning sunlight (he read this nonsense in a book once). And as she blushed and turned away, he drugged her latte. Earth women: always a sucker for cheap complements and candied coffee drinks.

As Sonya swilled her drink and became disoriented, robot Nick lead her back to his car and she took the passenger’s seat and soon passed out. Robot Nick headed out of town and headed toward his hidden spaceship in the forest. Robot Nick was relieved that his plan had finally come to fruition. It was a complicated plan because the only knock-out drug he had available had to be consumed with extremely sweet coffee drinks.

In deep space, in route to the Alpha Centauri system, Sonya began to awaken in the space craft.

“Where am I?” she asked. Then she saw Nick at the control panel.

“Nick! What is going on?” she gasped.

“I’m not Nick. I am the robot that replaced Nick. You are being taken the Alpha Centauri system for testing because it has been determined that your DNA is ideal for our experiments.” Robot Nick said.

Sonya struggled against the restraint field but could not escape. “What have you done to Nick?” she screamed.

“I abducted him last year and have spent this time reading his brain and scanning his body so that I could use his likeness to lure you into my trap. But, don’t worry, he’s back in his cell and quite alive until high command decides what to do with him. I am just a robot completing my mission.” robot Nick said.

While robot Nick was chatting with Sonya he failed to notice another ship on his space radar. This ship was steadily gaining and would soon overtake him.

There was a sudden jolt in the ship as red warning lights began blinking and alerts blared. Robot Nick returned to his control panel. ‘We’re under attack!’ he thought ‘but by whom?’.

He began to maneuver and powered up weapons in an attempt rid himself of this foe as another bolt of energy shook the ship and killed the main engines. Another jolt and the weapons were dead. Robot nick was powerless to defend the ship against this superior foe. He saw that the enemy ship was preparing to dock so he armed himself to prepare for the boarders.

The ship shuddered as the enemy clamped on and connected with its air lock. Loud hisses ensued and then the door clanged open. A bolt of energy hit robot Nick and he fell to the floor smoking with his robot brain shorted out. An imposing, almost alien figure entered the ship in a massive space suit. Sonya was caught between terror and confusion. The alien removed its helmet revealing a, what?

Sonya couldn’t believe her eyes; there on the deck standing quite erect was a cow with a bell around its neck. She must still be feeling the effects of the drugs robot Nick had used.

“Helloooo, Sonya.” said the cow “My name is Betsy and I am from the secret Joint Space Defense Force of Earth. We observed your abduction and are here to bring you back hoooome. We constantly battle abductions from those robot-loving squid aliens at Alpha Centauri, but we’ll soon deal with them.”

Sonya was at a loss for words and she passed out.

When Sonya came to, she was lying on a beach chair. ‘Weird dream’ she thought, but looking next to her she saw Nick lying on a beach chair with his thick, lush, wavy brown hair blowing in the gentle breeze. “Nick!” she exclaimed “Is that you?”

Nick’s eyes opened and he groggily said “Sonya? How did you get here? Where are we? Do you remember a talking cow in a space suit?”

“I thought that was a latte induced dream!” Sonya nearly shouted “You mean we really were saved from being abducted by aliens by a talking cow?”

“I guess so.” said Nick brushing back the bit of soft luxurious hair that had fallen in front of his face “I was captured quite some time ago and have been held in a cell by a robot. I remember being rescued by a large talking cow in a space suit and the next thing I knew I was here on the beach next to you. I guess next we’ll find out that Santa and his elves are real too.”

Sonya and Nick talked into the evening about their adventure and then began to wander down the beach, hand in hand, and admiring the sunset.

After a deep and longed for kiss, Nick said “You really must tell me your middle name.”

“Sonya is my middle name.” said Sonya in a love-struck daze “My first name is Cynthia, but I prefer Sonya as it was my favorite aunt’s name.”

And they continued to fall madly and disgustingly in love and lived happily ever after and never got to thank Betsy for saving them. And they had learned their lesson and never ever drank lattes again.



90 thoughts on “The Deep Space Rescue

  1. I like all the space action in this story. It was exciting when Betsy the Cow settled her beef with that robot, probably after a long steak-out. And I like that Nick had the good sense not to drink that latte, and that in the end, they both swore off lattes.

    I’m also glad that Betsy the Cow is still alive. Apparently, she’s acquired herd immunity, and does not have to stay at home. This tale takes the story of the cow who jumped over the moon, to new levels. I hope there will be a sequel on space cows, exploring the universe and finding greener pastures on new planets.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. This is why it’s never a good idea to have sweetener in a four-shot latte.

    Reminded me of a challenge several years back to come up with a piece of music to play in the background as I blast open the airlock door and charge through. The visage of Betsy emerging from the slowly clearing smoke, however, has me reconsidering something from perhaps Pink Floyd’s, Atom Heart Mother.

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  3. “butterscotch raspberry salted apricot latte”??? Seriously??? 🤢

    I was hoping for Betsy to appear somewhere, and I wasn’t disappointed! Great fun … thanks, both Carolyn and Jason, for a chuckle tonight!

    Liked by 1 person

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