A Book Like No Other

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A Book Like No Other

Cynthia had worked all day and was anxious to put her feet up and read her newest book. She was an avid reader, and took every opportunity that she could to relax with one. She enjoyed all genres, as long as they weren’t too scary. She didn’t like being awake at night with her heart racing due to a frightening scene in a book. 

This book that she was about to read she had literally found it by accident. Yesterday she had been taking a hike in the woods and  she saw a book along the path. Had someone been reading and got distracted, running off and forgetting the book, or had it fallen out of a backpack?  Who knew, but she didn’t want to let the book just lie on the ground. Storms were supposed to come later in the day, the book would be ruined. 

The book was in very good condition, looked new, she felt bad for whoever had lost it. She looked for a name in the book, but there wasn’t any. 

There was nothing on the back of the book or inside the cover telling what it was about, so she guessed she would just be surprised. 

Opening up the book she began to read. She was intrigued from the first chapter. Quickly she turned the pages, mesmerized by its words.  

The name of the main character was different from her name, but oh how she could identify with her. She laughed to herself, for what a coincidence, the main character seemed to be just like her. Her looks, her mannerism and certain things that happened to her, Cynthia just shook her head at the craziness. It was like she was meant to find this book. 

Suddenly she sat straight up and the book fell from her hands. Goosebumps came over her. How, how could this be possible? The chapter had begun describing an incident that had happened to Cynthia a few years back. The details were so exact, but it had to be a coincidence, right?

A face appeared in her mind, a face she hadn’t thought about for the past couple years! She didn’t recognize the author’s name, but had  he changed his name? Had he done what he had threatened to do, had he really written a book about her? 

52 thoughts on “A Book Like No Other

  1. Does this book involve some incident that happened to her while she was growing up in China? I’m asking because I’m worried you might be scooping me, with this post.
    What’s with the changing font sizes? Have you been experimenting with WP’s new editor?

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