One More Walk…



Sonya had awakened early to take a stroll through the sunflower field. It was always peaceful to wander among the tall flowers. She remembered when she was a little girl that she could easily get lost in the sunflowers behind their house. Every path looked the same. At first she would get scared but she would eventually find her way out and later on the sunflower field became her hideaway. A place where she could just sit still, breathing in the fresh air and clearing her mind. Many times she had run in here as a teen, crying over boys, and all the drama that girls could cause. Figuring out who her true friends were, and letting go of the fake ones.

She called it her Sunflower Sanctuary and this morning she knew she had to come out for one last walk. Waking up in her childhood home without her parents there, still felt strange and brought back so many memories. She missed them so much! It was so quiet now, every room echoed, the walls were bare, but oh, if only the walls could talk.

Sonya had walked through the house last night, letting her memories take her back to hearing the musicΒ  of Mitch Miller playing on their stereo. Her Dad would be tapping his feet and her Mom would be singing along, as she was filling the kitchen with the aroma of something sweet baking.

Her parents had been gone for over 6 months now and the house was being sold. She hadn’t met the buyer, she had let her realtor take care of all that. She would meet them later today. This morning was her time to say goodbye. It was time to let someone else create new memories in this house and to let them discover the secret joys of her Sunflower Sanctuary.

One last walk through through the field to say a final goodbye. She couldn’t help but think of her childhood friend Toby, as she strolled through the field. He was a significant memory of the time she had spent among the sunflowers. Times of thinking of him and times of being with him. Her cheeks warmed, her very first kiss had happened right here, with only the sunflowers as witnesses.


Was someone calling her name? She looked at the buzzing honey bee on the flower. “Sonya! Its really you!”

She squinted her eyes, at the figure coming towards her, with the sun shining right over top of him.

Goosebumps appeared on her arms. “Toby!”

Sonya ran, and they embraced once more, in their sunflower field.


46 thoughts on “One More Walk…

  1. Having correctly identified her, he then calls the police to report her for violating trespassing laws. Yes, Toby had always been a stickler for the law, and wasn’t about to make an exception for an old girlfriend. But in a chivalrous gesture, he posts her bail, then asks her out on a date.

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