Friday’s Super Short Stories!

If dead fish return to the great sea … do dead plants return to the great forest? Saying that I sent my plant off to the great forest, sounds better than, “I killed it!” 

Where is the magic spray for windows … wash them once … stay clean forever! 

Time to use your creativity again, which I know my readers have! My friend had posted this on Facebook, and got some fun answers,  what’s your response?

In 6 words or less, ruin a first date! 

21 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. For men:
    * You kind of resemble my mom.
    * Qavan, pongwIj ‘oH Jason. (“Hi, my name is Jason” spoken in full guttural Klingon)
    * Wow! that waitress is hot!
    * Your lipstick is kind of slutty.

    For women:
    * How much money do you make?
    * Try these healing crystals.
    * I’ll have three large pizzas.
    * I can burp the alphabet!

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  2. If, in fact, dead plants do return to the great forest…I have single handedly planted multiple acres of it! This is not a boast, rather an admission of guilt for having earned the small framed print of a deceased houseplant that was given to me with the words : “Houseplants : Green leafy things in a pot that I cannot keep alive.” Presently, I am in a battle to save one such plant from becoming the next victim and it is not looking good for the plant. I refuse to give up trying until the time comes, as it surely will, when it too becomes a brown-stemmed leafless plant. Only then will I admit defeat and as my Son once pointed out to me whilst viewing two similarly succumbed houseplants sitting on the window shelf : “You can stop watering them now.” Thank-you!

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    • Hi Ellen! Thanks for letting me know I am not alone in planting acres of forest!
      Don’t you just love the honesty of iyr children! My son informed me that the 2 plants that he got for his room are still alive and thriving , as I said goodbye to my one plant. I told him the other flower on our porch was alive and he said, “yeah, for now!”


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