Excitement at Midnight


Little Celia heard the noise again. She was determined to find out the source of it this time. Her baby kitten Muffin was her shadow, as she followed Celia down the stairs.

The rest of the house was asleep, Celia was sure no one would hear her. Her Dad was snoring loudly when she passed his room. Celia’s Mom wore earplugs to sleep and her big brother, Hans, was a sound sleeper. Thunderstorms didn’t even wake him up. They made Celia bolt upright in bed and then she would pull the covers over her head until the thunder stopped.

For 2 nights now she had awakened to the faint sound of what sounded like someone saying “Help me!”  Muffin, slept on her bed with her, but no one else was n her room. She would rub her eyes making sure she wasn’t dreaming and she still would hear the little cry.  Typically she would just go back to sleep, but tonight she was going to investigate.

Celia heard the cry as she walked down the hallway and it seemed to follow her down the stairs. She kept walking. It seemed to get louder as she got near the back door. Dare she open the door? She wasn’t supposed to go outside by herself, but who was saying “Help me!”, she had to find out!

With a deep breath, she opened the door. Muffin was right behind her. She stepped out and jumped, her foot had touched something strange and she heard a strange kind of yelp. Looking down she was shocked to see a turtle!

“About time you came, thanks for not stepping too hard on me!”

Little Celia couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Was this turtle really talking to her?

“Thanks Muffin, for leading her here.”

“You are welcome. Always glad to help a friend.”  Muffin replied.

Now Celia was wide-eyed as she looked back and forth from Muffin to the turtle.

Muffin could talk! Wow! She was the luckiest girl ever!

“Mommy and Daddy will be so shocked to hear this!” she yelled. “I want to wake them up  now!”

“Oh, I wouldn’t be too hasty Celia! This probably should be our little secret, you know how adults are. They can be too logical at times, no imagination.”

Celia was a little disappointed, but she understood, adults could be strange at times.

“Okay, I will pinky swear not to tell!” Then she looked at the turtle wondered how she was supposed to  pinky swear with him.

“I believe you.” said the turtle. ” Now where are my manners, let me introduce myself. My name is Tulag and I really hope you can help me. I am looking for my mate, her name is Myrtle and we got separated! Will you help me find her?”

“Yes!” said Celia, without even thinking. She loved animals, she had to help.

Muffin smiled, ” Told you she would help!” she said proudly to Tulag.

“Now we better get back to bed before anyone notices that she is gone. We will meet you tomorrow afternoon and begin our hunt for Myrtle.”

Celia was speechless, as Tulag thanked them and slowly crawled away. She quietly followed Muffin up the steps and into her bedroom. She climbed in her bed and Muffin nestled down beside her. “You can talk!” said Celia.

“Yes, I am aware of that!” replied Muffin, “Now get some sleep.”

Celia closed her eyes with a big smile on her face, her kitten could talk and she was going to help a talking turtle find his mate. She laughed to herself, here her brother thought he was big stuff because he could throw a ball into a hoop! OH what he didn’t know!

56 thoughts on “Excitement at Midnight

  1. Nah, basketball is more fun than a talking turtle.
    So, it appears Myrtle has wandered away again. I’d say she’s not good marriage material. Besides, she seems a little slow. I think she’s bashful and too shy to be around Tulag. But if she’d only come out of her shell, and stop being as murky as soup, Tulag could get to know her and really appreciate her.
    Hopefully, when Muffin rises in the morning, and Tulag crawls out of bed, they’ll all be able to find Myrtle.


  2. Be still my heart! I just KNEW you would help Myrtle find her mate … a mate who I thought was named ‘Tuga, but I suppose Tulag will have to do. For the record, watching grass grow is more exciting than basketball, so a talking turtle and a talking kitty are DEFINITELY more fun and exciting! I presume there is more to come …

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