Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! The last day of June and its going to be a pretty hot one! My flowers are still hanging on, though I am afraid that the one is done, but it lasted 2 months at least! It has perked up before and surprised me, so we will see. With as hot as it will be today it would make a perfect day for the beach, but …. will have to just keep dreaming for now. That day will come though! The first quote describes where my mind is! What is your mind dreaming of today?


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40 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. Loved these JR as always. Used to do them myself but it became too time consuming to do all the time, so I’m always happy to see your quotes. My fav. Is the one by Anne Frank, and the other by Sylvia Plath. How are you doing lately? How had your book been doing?

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    • HI Mandi! Always nice to hear from you. Glad you enjoyed the quotes and I do remember you doing them too. It is time consuming, it takes me longer to do Tuesday’s posts than it does to write a story most of the time! But I enjoy it!
      Anne Frank was wise beyond her years and I think there are many like Sylvia describes.
      I am doing fine, trying to stay sane, like everyone else, amidst all the craziness! How are you?
      The book keeps selling so I am happy. Would like to get back to sharing the stories with school kids again and in the libraries, but since COVID that hasn’t been possible. Glad for the opportunities I had before.

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      • Hi JR. I’m very happy to hear from you. I think formatting and choosing the quotes is much harder than writing a piece too. I did end up finding an old set I’d started (2 years ago lol) in my drafts, and posted that yesterday. I think now back to writing though.

        I think Anne Frank had to be wise beyond her years due to her circumstances as a Jew in wartime Germany/Poland, how could even a child not be after all those autrocities and loss?

        Below is my fav Sylvia Plath poem, « New Colussus » a plaque on the Statue of Liberty. One because it’s hope for all those who immigrated to the US & still do. But also, because conversely, of the irony of the poem that I think Plath never intended b/c many immigrants in the US were treated horribly and w/ such racism too (not just African Americans)such as the Irish or Jewish community, in New York and in certain areas of the city. Read here: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/46550/the-new-colossus

        Also, I’m happy to hear your book is selling so well. I definitely think that your book was made for reading to children in classrooms or otherwise with Jodi’s beautiful illustrations & yours and Collin’s humorous tales about Dewy, Jaxon, and the gang. You have a wonderful gift, & I’m happy you still get to work with children or will again.

        I know here things are opening up with Covid, so I hope that in Fall 2020, you will again be able to share your tales with kids of all ages.
        I’m wondering if there’s away for you to do that over meetup, FaceTime, or google meet? If you aren’t already? So, that kids can still enjoy your tales even from home. Like yoir could read at the Library or in a classroom and kids/parents could listen/see their in Fall. But, maybe too, you will be able to this in person at a safe distance too 🙂

        Really, your tales are still some of my favourite, & your writing stories since has been excellent too. I see your writing continues to flourish & your stories are still ever more engaging. Truly you’ve come so far.

        Also, Happy 4th of July tomorrow too! Enjoy the celebrations although I know they will be muted, but have fun and take care my friend 🙂

        So, glad to chat with you, and happy you are well. I think and pray for you in your life. Keep in touch 😊🤗

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        • Hi Mandi! Always great to hear from you! Thanks for your kind words about “The Odessa Chronicles”, you have supportive from the very beginning!
          I have thought of doing some kind of reading by video perhaps, we will see what happens. 🙂
          Soo sweet of you at what you said about my writings! Thank you so much! Glad that you continue to enjoy them and thanks for the encouraging words to my heart and the prayers.

          I hope you are doing well! Love and prayers and maybe someday we can connect face to face! 😊❤

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          • Hi JR (Carolyn) you’re so welcome. I’m excited to see where Dewey’s/Odessa’s journeys take them. Love & prayers too you too. It hasn’t been the easiest year, but I know God always loves and protects us too. Take care 🤗


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