The Power of One

My sister shared this video and I found it very moving. It is almost 6 minutes long, but I feel it is worth it! I love bringing smiles to all of you, sometimes with crazy stories and sometimes with some powerful words by someone else. Enjoy, and would love to know your thoughts!


30 thoughts on “The Power of One

    • Glad you liked it. It definitely is powerful. I really liked the part about singing in the mud…I have told that concept to my kids a lot! Our atitude makes such a difference on what we can handle!


      • Attitude yes, and the fact that we always have choices. Of course making choices then makes us responsible for the consequences so no blaming the weather, the government, the man down the street, the traffic etc. etc. On the good side, making choices and then taking responsibility for such choices will help us grow into responsible and productive human beings. We will also be quite smart because of what we learn every time we make a “not so good” choice! πŸ™‚

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  1. Whoa…that was very inspirational! Thanks for sharing. Even if I do nothing else, I make my bed every single day. It feels good passing that room knowing the ultimate sanctuary will welcome me with bliss knowing I did something as soon as I got out of bed. Happy weekend!

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