Unexpected Surprises!

I found some more pictures on my camera and thought I would have a little more fun adding to my other story that I did a few days ago. After all, we have to find out who stole the valuable painting, right? Here is a link to the first part, A Day with the Birds


Frank and George were driving to the first suspect’s house to talk to him. They still hadn’t found any obvious clues yet and the only thing they were certain of was that they really weren’t certain of anything! They sure hoped that this suspect would spill some beans for them.

Whoa! Frank stopped the car, and they both looked with surprise at what was crossing the road in front of them.


“Can’t say that I ever had to wait on a tortoise to cross the road before.” said Frank.

“It reminds me of watching you run!” replied George with a grin.

“No comment!” said Frank, followed by George’s laughter.

At last the tortoise got across the road and they were on their way once again.

They pulled up to a stone house with a wrap around porch. As they walked up to the porch they were greeted by Jay.

Jay came out of the swinging screen door, and it banged shut behind him.  He held 2 lemonades in his hand for them. “Hi! Help yourself to a nice cool drink.” he handed them the glasses as he took a seat on the porch swing. They sat down on the cherry wood rocking chairs that were close to the porch swing.

Jay started talking and they were hardly able to get a word in! Each time they would start to ask a question he would interrupt them totally changing the subject. Frank and George glanced at each other, they knew what he was doing, and they decided just to listen. Sometimes when you just let suspects ramble on, they accidentally let something slip.

So far though they couldn’t make anything out of what he was saying. He just seemed to be confusing them more! Between throwing in puns and using really big words, they didn’t know what to think. He kept smiling away as he talked. He finally paused and took a breath.

George was just getting ready to say something when Jay stood up and said. ” How rude of me, I gave you guys a drink but didn’t offer you anything to eat. How would you like some fresh toasted bagels, would only take a minute. I have some strawberry cream cheese to put on them, or perhaps you would prefer some crepes?”

Frank and George stood up, “Thanks for the offer, but we probably should really get going. It was really nice talking to you.” They shook Jay’s hand and Jay said, ” Feel free to come back anytime. Perhaps next time we could talk about the aerodynamics of a flying saucer?  Have you guys ever seen flying saucer’s?”

“I don’t believe we have, but umm… yes that sounds like it could be quite the conversation. Thanks again for your time!” Frank and George turned around walking rather quickly to their car, before Jay could say anything else.

Once back in the car and driving down the road to the 2nd suspect’s house, George said, “Certainly, he knows something! If only we could figure out what!”

“He knows how to make your head spin!” said Frank.

The day was almost over and Frank and George were holding their heads in their hands. They had talked to the 2nd suspect, Napoleon, and he made their head spin as well! He was talking about numbers and at first they thought that perhaps it was a secret code that he was giving them. George had started to write the numbers down, but then realized that they meant nothing. He was just trying to explain the logistics behind Triple Bookkeeping and they were lost from the very beginning.

He did let them ask questions though, but his answers didn’t help much. With the answers he gave he appeared innocent, but perhaps he was just too smart for them.

They saw a lake by the side of the road as they were driving. It had a bench and they decided they would pull over and rest for awhile. Perhaps they could think more clearly while looking at the water.

After sitting for awhile, Frank suddenly nudged George, “Look!” and he pointed at something that was very close to their bench!  George gasped! Perhaps this hadn’t been the best lake to sit by!


They sat their frozen for a moment, and then decided that they would just make a run for it to the car. it was getting late and they were hungry. They were really hoping that the alligator wasn’t feeling hungry and they wanted to get out of there before he got hungry!

“Surely he won’t come after us if move really quickly, right,”said George.

“I say lets give it a try and I certainly hope you are right!”

They ran to the car without incident and were more than happy to pull into a nice restaurant. Tomorrow they would think more about the missing painting, right now food was on their minds!

“This looks like a rather upscale restaurant? Are you sure we can afford this?” Frank asked.

“Yes! Remember our boss gave us some extra cash that she said we could use for a nice meal. A nice bonus. I think we earned a good meal today!” replied George.

“Sounds good to me!” Frank said with a smile!

They walked in and soon realized that it was very fancy. They were under dressed! All the men had suits and ties on and there was a little art gallery to look at while waiting for your table. They were about to turn around and go back to the hotel, but decided to take a look in the gallery first.

They couldn’t believe their eyes! The answer had fallen in their laps! The missing painting was right in front of them, hanging on the wall!

Now they had to just find out who the owners of the restaurant got the painting from. The space guy or the numbers guy or someone else? For now though, they were just smiling from ear to ear as they looked at the valuable painting of the legendary Cow-Betsy!








37 thoughts on “Unexpected Surprises!

  1. I think both Jay and Napoleon are in on this together. Jay put the tortoise in the road to slow the detectives down and buy some time. Then he prevaricated and tergiversated on the porch swing, to buy more time, and finally tried to poison the detectives with bagels and cream cheese.
    After that, Napoleon tried to further delay the detectives by confusing them with triple bookkeeping. This gave Jay some time to plant an alligator near where he rightly figured they would take a rest break. And it also gave him time to hang the picture in the restaurant, thereby “framing” the restaurant owners.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Prevaricated and tergiversated” …. stretching my vocabulary again I see! But yes that is exactly what he was doing and how did you know that there was arsenic in the strawberry cream cheese!

    OH gosh! Should I be more worried or you, that you actually thought like me, as far as Jay and Napoleon working together goes and them planting the picture in the restaurant!
    As far as the “framing” thought, no you did not read my mind on that! That was all you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I didn’t know there was arsenic in the cream cheese, although that figures. But cream cheese by itself is poison. Or at least, it tastes that way.
    We can’t be thinking alike. I think in plain English, which is my first language.
    I do think the owners were framed. Although obviously, Betsey was also.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I figured you would work dynamite in there somehow! Yes, I would say there is a great chance that his mind isn’t right, numbers can truly mess it up! 🙂
      Ahh! I knew that I was missing a word when I wrote triple bookkeeping, “entry”! Gosh, not only can I not even begin to understand it, I can’t even say it right! Like I said, anything to do with numbers is bad news for me. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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